Saving a game in IOS if first attempt failed


Forgive the question if it’s been answered elsewhere; I tried a search and couldn’t find it.

I’ve just played through Versus on IOS which I thought was great and I’m really pleased with my choices. However my first attempt to save the game failed and I’m pretty sure a pop-up told me I’d be able to try again through the restore menu. However, I cannot find any restore option and if I close the game and reopen it, it keeps opening at the final page which presents me with options to view my stats, share or play the game again.

Well I’m worried that if I play again, I’ll lose my status and have to start from scratch. I read somewhere that COG always takes you back to the last page played, so I don’t know why I’m not getting that option to save again.

Can someone clarify how I can retrieve this game and save it properly? Thanks

In my experience, if you input your e-mail and a name for the game, even if you got an error message or were offline, it does end up saving to the server once that connection is reestablished. That has happened to me before on many other HG and CoG games, but once I restarted everything and opened it again the next time, it later shows up in my saved list. So, hopefully it’s already taken care of. In fact, like you, at first I was scared it didn’t save and tried saving it again in the ending screen, only to have duplicate copies show up on the saved list that I couldn’t get rid of later, lol. Oops!