Playing Part 2 with my previously saved Game?!

I haven’t once been able to play part 2 with a previously saved game and I’ve been scrolling through suggestions on what to do in the forum and I haven’t found a lot of answers through the stacks of other questions in the link…

I’ve tried saving games using different ‘Makers’?

I’ve tried, a few times now, re-downloading the app.

I’ve made an account, I’m playing on iPad and I’m so stuck HELP! PLEASE!

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I don’t know if I’m having the same problem as you, but I’ll explain my situation.

I played a game through on the first one, and then saved it; however, when I go to play it in the second one, it loads and my stats are reset. My background and choices are correct, but the stats, name, maker - none of it carries over anymore.

I have played through the story multiple times in the past, but for some reason now, it won’t work properly.

Also, I too am using an iPad, so the issue might be limited to iOS, or it could just be a coding error made during a newer update.