iOS Progress Resetting

We’ve had some reports recently of the iOS omnibus apps not saving people’s progress in games when they stop playing, but we haven’t been able to reproduce this in our testing, and there haven’t been any recent changes to the apps that seem like they could be related to this happening. If you’re having this problem, can you write in to and let us know when and how it’s happening? A few particular questions that have come up in some reports:

-Do you know when it started happening, and if anything changed about either the app or your device beforehand?
-Does it matter how long you leave the app before returning to it? Some people have said that the app saves their progress if they only stop playing briefly, but loses it if they’re away from the app for longer.
-Does it matter if you open other apps between uses of our apps?
-Does it matter how far you get in the game? One person said that the app regularly lost their progress in the early chapters of a game but saved it more reliably in the later parts.

What we really need in order to be able to properly investigate this issue is to be able to reproduce it in our own testing, so if you write in to report it, please try to include as much information as you can about what seems to trigger it. Thanks!


Following - had a quick search online and couldn’t find anything that really worked other than loosing all stars and getting back storyline animations.

We’ve now submitted updates to the iOS apps that we believe should fix this issue, though we’ve still had limited success reproducing the original problem ourselves. If you download the most recent updates and you’re still having restarting problems, let us know.


Since the IOS update yesterday I’ve been unable to open the apps for both Hosted Games and Choice of games. They load for a second then immediately crashes. I’ve tried both restarting my phone and deleting the apps then redownloading them

Yes, I believe I answered your email to support about it - can you respond there, and we can help you out further?

We have had a few reports suggesting this might happen with older devices and/or older versions of iOS.

Update: we’ve now hopefully fixed the issue with crashing that some people were having on iOS 12, so if you’ve been running into that, try updating or reinstalling the app again.