Hosted Games App

Is anyone else here having an issue where their app is restarting their game every time they close it? If the app refreshes, it deletes my progress and immediately sends me back to the first page


No, I don’t see that issue.

I just opened the app, clicked on a game (Vampire Regent), clicked “Try Now,” clicked Next a few times, then forced the app to quit.

When I launched it again, I was back on the main menu, selecting games, (which I guess might seem as if you’ve lost progress, but you haven’t) … when I clicked on Vampire Regent again and Try Now, I’m right back where I left off.

Are you on iOS or Android? Which game were you playing?

EDIT: I tried this on both iOS and Android. No progress lost.


That’s been happening to me too…
It happened when I was playing pugmire and recently vampire regent

IOS, And it happened with Samurai of Hyuga, both Sabres/Guns of Infinity and Fallen Hero

I’m on IOS and this happens to me at a frustrating frequency as well. With both hosted and choice of apps, this doesn’t seem to be limited to certain games.

I still can’t reproduce the problem, which is what I’d need to do in order to fix it. I’ll keep looking.

Do y’all see what I see, where if you click on a random game, click a few pages in, and force quit the app, you don’t lose that progress, at least? So there’s something else that’s necessary to make you lose your progress?

Yes, I see this as well.

Yea im just confused as to what is causing it

I have a strange but simular problem. If I’m playing any game on the hosted games app, and lock my screen or exit the app without force quitting it mind you, if I return back to the app? I have to reselect my game all over again, as if I force quitted the app witch I didn’t. I’m on an iPhone, iOS 14.3