Playing an hosted game on android with chrome



As a new user of CoG games, I was asking me if I play a game on my android smartphone with chrome, is the game saved as I play or do I need to start the game at the begining when I restart my chrome or my smartphone ?




If you’re playing the games hosted on the CoG website, then yes, the game is saved as you play. The same is true if you’re playing one of the games available as apps through Google Play or the Amazon app store. It’s effectively the same as playing the games on your computer’s browser. I have an android with chrome as well, and it works just fine.

Now, if you’re talking about playing games hosted elsewhere, like a game in beta hosted on dropbox, then you’re out of luck. Again, it’s the same as playing the game on your computer’s browser; it doesn’t save there either. Of course, you’re at greater risk as smartphone browsers have a tendency to dump their cache more often, so if you use some other apps, then re-open chrome, it’ll refresh the website, losing your place in the game. Not much you can do about that, unfortunately.


Thanks for your answer. I would like to create à game for my daughter who will have a tablet for kids tomorrow. So I will need to find how to create an apk (android application) to install it on its tablet.


It’ll be easier to incorporate this save-system into your game:

As long as your browsers supports local storage (most good android ones do, dolphin for e.g.).

Packaging HTML5 apps correctly can be difficult, particularly when you didn’t code the basis yourself - I can point you in the direction of PhoneGap or similar ‘bridging/porting’ software, but getting “choicescript” to port properly will probably require some large amount of trial and error, and CoG may or may not require you to license it for such use.

There may be additional configurations that need to be set to enable the device saving for example.


Thanks a lot @CJW, I will try it soon !



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@CJW I thought the PhoneGap had kind of like a free / basic one for their porting feature? I mean if we are to put the license issue to being irrelevant :stuck_out_tongue: Might mistake it for some other app… would you recommend using it for porting purpose in general, choice games aside? How do you like it so far?


@FcA I can’t personally recommend phonegap, I’ve never really delved into the mobile app field, but it seems to hold a majority of the support at the moment (from forums, twitter etc…).

I’m also referring to a CoG license - Not a Phone Gap one - Whilst they let us make games for free, I’m not sure what their stance on us self-porting to the devices is… I can’t honestly imagine they’d want that, as we “could” put prices on them and/or give out a bad reputation for their line of games (people will notice the similarities, despite being uploaded separately).