Transferring game progress between PCs?

Hi, is there any way we can transfer our game progress stored in save slots between PCs? I have gotten myself a new PC, and even though I have logged into both my browser and CoG account, my game progress remains separated, and my save slots appear empty on my new PC. I’m using the Firefox browser if this is of any help.

Just to clarify, are you talking about saves that you made at the end of a completed and published game? (e.g. making a save after completing Book 1 of Wayhaven to import into Book 2?)

Thanks for replying so promptly. I mean general saves for WIPs.

The only saves for WiPs that are accessible on different devises are those hosted on

You need to sign on to your moody account and then saves will be located on the hosting site.

All Dashingdan WiPs saves are localized and only persist on a device you are using when saving.