Was my data saved offline/within my phone?

I would like to ask if my data would be saved, since after playing there had always been this option of saving it using your email, but there had been no wifi at all when I finished the game so I didn’t get to save it using my email!

After that it said that I could try it again by clicking ‘restore’ when the opportunity comes, but I’ve been looking at every option and I can’t find it. I’ve named the save file already and I’d be really disappointed if it didn’t save within my phone. I don’t want to lose it since this is a series.

As long as you don’t uninstall the game, your progress will be saved on your phone.
You can leave anytime you want, and return right at the spot you left, with your stats and progression still intact.

I’d like to know if it’s still there even if I clicked on the ‘Restart’ option?

I don’t recommend hitting restart before uploading save data.

Well, if you restart, all the progression in your phone will be reset. Except for the achievement.

Thank you for the answers! I guess I’ll just have to repeat it again. :smile: