Runaway [WiP] [New Chapter Out: 26 February 2021]

Thanks for bringing it up, I still don’t know why this happens, but that is the end of the demo for now. I’ll ask some other more experienced people what I can do to fix it.

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I believe when that happens, the problem is that your scene list in startup doesn’t match the files you’ve uploaded, so the game infinite loads trying to find a file that doesn’t exist. So if your scene list is something like


But you haven’t uploaded a file that’s called ch3sweet, then the game will hang whenever it finds the *finish at the end of the previous chapter. Or something along those lines.

I think it might also be caused by not having the *ending command at the end of the demo, but I’m not sure so take it with a grain of salt.

Very interesting premise so far! Just wondering, what stats were you planning on inserting? Like Ruthless vs Compassionate, Idealistic vs Pragmatic? Will there be skill stats and skill checks?

these seems so interesting and I’m liking all the ros :smiley: I’m excited for future updates!

I’m really loving this story so far. I’m wondering if theres going to be any poly routes?

Also i’m not sure if it is because its the end of the demo but once i get to the end of this chapter: "Nicole gives you a shrug, then rolls up the map. "Pack your bags, I guess. We're headed to the Southern Plains." the next one doesnt load.

This was really fun. Can’t wait to have my ennemies-to-lovers romance with Ezra :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I think, if you’re open to it, I’d consider adding maybe some sentences to the character creation part? When it’s time to choose the hair length and I saw “shaved” I really thought at first it was a mention to facial hair or something. That’s the only thing, besides the pronouns issues, I had a problem with.

Thanks for all the help/feedback guys, sorry for going AWOL, have been pretty busy with finals.

Thanks, I’ll take a look and see if I can fix that real quick!

I’ll check this as well.

I’m not very sure how I want to deal with stats for now. There will definitely be personality stats that will impact flavor text (there are already some of those in the game right now, but its pretty crude and not shown in the stats screen). I’m hoping that I can get a little further on with the story, then double back and decide on stats at a later date. Sorry!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m open to adding a poly route, but so far not planned. I’ll definitely think on it though.

Sorry about the pronouns issues, definitely first prio for me to fix up! Do you mean adding sentences to the choices themselves, or just some dialogue to clarify what part of creation you are on?


Real life comes first. We understand that, especially after this past year.


Yes, just adding some dialogue to clarify what part of the creation the player is on would make it easier for the player. Also, I thought that having the character creation done that way was a really good idea!

A poly route with Ezra/Esther and Nikolas/Nicole kinda makes sense from what I’ve seen at the moment if you want to go that route and add one. There’s a connection there between at the very least Ezra/Esther and Nikolas/Nicole so I can see it happening.

Also just to let you know when I clicked on next chapter after they mentioned the Southern Plains it’s just eternally loading. Don’t know why.