Romance options - A wise use of Time

Does anyone how to execute the Romance options in A Wise Use of Time? Particularly with the Pop star or the other Time Stopper.

Can’t seem to get them right and I’ve played through it a couple of times. All help appreciated.

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I do not believe you can have a romantic relationship with the Pop Star, I believe I have played through all interactions with her and none lead to a romance.

By other time stopper I guess you are talking about the one who gives you a warning. I don’t know if the other time stoppers are romancable since I never tried to romance them except for her.

For her I needed to have the Charismatic/Social stat highest which will enable you to keep her in town and she will initiate the romance. Just flirt with her whenever when you have a high Charismatic/Social statistic.

I didn’t want to reveal to much but there really isn’t much to that romance anyway.


These are the romances available:

You can’t romance the pop star, even though she seems REALLY into you after you save her ass.


Olivia and Raj is easy. State you have feelings for one or the other when you have the choice of your opinion on them near the beginning and keep a high social stat, it will eventually prompt you to admit your feelings. Kyle and Kate you have to ask them to come to the casino for Raj’s birthday, when he asks about your ‘date’ mention you want to get to know them better and the rest will be simple. And as @CazzCity stated, be good to Alisha and ask her to stay, she’ll confess her feelings to you when you speak at the business event. Shame you can’t romance Oden. but then again, she was a massive pain in the neck being a selfish neanderthal