Romance option for sorcery is for saps?


In sorcery for saps I can get the romance option for The princess and Lily however is it possible to actually get a romance option with Camille?


yes, but I think you have to hang out with them at about every opportunity,and I don’t know if it’s important but after you get to the inn I decided to got to her room


though since there is a thread for it I would ask what the deal is with the princess,I have gotten three different outcomes with her, I have been friend zoned,became her consort,and married her,the problem is i dont know how to get those diffrent ending on demand


How many opportunities are there to hang out with her and where is this inn


Were you able to end up with Lyle/Lilly, the servant person? I tried but he rejected me EVEN THOUGH I JUST WANTED A SIMPLE LIFE WITH HIM.


The one where you become her consort you need to have high relationship with her and high self reliance(an inivisble stat).
The one where you become her lover is the one where you have high relationship with her but low self reliance.
If you have low relationship with her, you will be friendzoned.