Getting the Life Mage Child Potion and dealing with Adelita

Did anyone manage to get the Life Mage Child potion without the Queen ending up in bed with Adelita? If so can you specify you Charm stats or what you need to do for your relationship stat with the Queen I presume to obtain this outcome? With my mid 60 charm character I can’t manage to do both even if I mostly act charmingly around the queen instead of talking about politics.

Everytime I take the potion path, the King/Queen always ends up in bed with Adelita. Though, I really don’t think it matters much in the long run seeing as the King/Queen always breaks up with her in the end.

Nope, it’s not possible. No matter how strong your relationship with Augustin(a) or how high your charm score happens to be, by the time you get back, he or she will have hopped into bed with Adelita. It’s the short term price you pay for the opportunity to obtain the life mage heir that will strengthen your position over the long term. The only way to keep Adelita out of Augustin(a)'s bed is by not going to the meeting with Enrique, thereby giving up on the opportunity to have a life mage heir.

@mistylavenda The king/queen does not always break up with Adelita. There is a variable called StopWanderingEye that needs to be over 65 for that to happen. Having a life mage heir pretty much guarantees it will be over 65, but It’s not hard to make happen otherwise just by being loving, considerate and helpful towards Augustin(a).

As far as whether or not there are any tangible benefits to giving Augustin(a) an heir, there are -huge- bonsues to RelKing, StopWanderingEye, DeclawJuanita, DeclawAguilar, and your Wealth. These have little effect on the ending of CoI, but they could be very significant in the next episode of the game. From a story perspective you’ve secured your position as royal consort by silencing all the critics who have been telling Augustina to set you aside and marry someone who can give him a life mage heir instead.

@P_Tigras: Augustina always breaks up with Adelita. That doesn’t stop her from taking other bedmates, though.

And it sounds like giving Augustina a legitimate heir and then marrying Juanita to Aguilar will be a powerful strategy going into the endgame, if a Life Mage heir defangs them that much.

@Ramidel Whoops, you’re right. My bad. If StopWanderingEye is over 65 Augustin(a) breaks up with Adelita and stops cheating. If it isn’t, the relationship with Adelita still doesn’t last long, and Augustin(a) soon moves on to cheating with another “pretty young thing”.

Well, isn’t Augustin(a) charming!
After the whole Augustin(a) Adelita thing, I was tempted to run off with Medosa and craploads of money.

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I will just take head off in Part 3 and make Medosa queen!

Eh, why not someone new instead of Mendosa? Maybe there will be new love interests/mistresses in the next installment. I say love intrest because with everything she does, your character probably isn’t really in love with her. If you played like me it was more manipulative, to get what you want.