Rise of the Battle Mechs


I am currently working on a new game called Rise of the Battle Mechs. It is heavily influenced by the BattleTech franchise.

Rise of the Battle Mechs takes place in an alternate universe in the early 22nd Century.

Humanity has split into many small clannish nations across the galaxies, all fighting for supremacy
over their rivals. Millions have died in these conflicts and there seems to be no end. Empires have risen
and burned just as quickly. Some of these clans have advanced technology that allowes them to cause mass
destruction within seconds, while others tend to overwhelm their enemies with numbers. You were born in the
neutral space of the Inner Circle. As you were not born to a certain clan you have the liberty to align
yourself with the clan you most support, or choose to be a gun-for-hire, working for the highest bidder.

For the last two hundred years tanks have dominated the battlefields of the galaxy,
playing a major role in almost every battle in recent history, freeing peoples and destroying nations.
But soon all of that will change, for a new type of armor is slowly coming to replace the tanks,
Battle Mechs. These machines come in much wider variety of shapes and sizes, from featherweight 10-tons
all the way to a massive 100-ton behemoth. These Mechs can carry a wide spectrum of weapons from
.50 Caliber machine guns all the way to a Hyper-Assault Gauss Rifles. Some mechs are able to turn an
entire city block into smoldering ruins within seconds. You will be the pilot of one of these Mechs.
Will you be a ruthless mercenary, or a glorious war hero? Will you rise head and shoulder above
your comrades, or be a forgotten memory? The choice is yours!

Here is a link to the Beta:

Please leave me comments about what you liked and disliked so far. As well as any criticism you might have.




There is an error when you click stats and A few spelling errors but seems interesting enough. Good luck with the project!


@Zach Thanks! I wasn’t sure if i was going to keep that name originally.

@Nocturnal_Stillness I think I fixed the stats error, and I’m trying to fix all the spelling errors.


I have a game that can give you some ideas but it may seem off-topic so I am not sure if I should post the link


Shoot me a PM if you want.


A little short? I realize that its a demo but most are more than 20 pages


Pretty sweet

P.s howdy


AdolfMcSexy this looks really good but i think you should put in when you determine your gender is say your mother sees you her only i think you should put just son or Daughter not I am her Son/Daughter hopefully you under stand what i mean


@Brimstone I understand exactly what your saying, I just fixed that and it does sound better. Thanks!


What little is there is well written, but way too short for a demo.


No Problem


How the demo going


@Brimstone I have got some work done on the next chapter, but I’ve had terrible migraines for the last 3 days, and I’m not making much progress. I’ll release the next chapter when I can.


I like it. Could you have some kind of butler? I’ve always liked the butler’s in fiction. Batman, Fable 3, etc…


butlers rock!!!


Hmmmm, I think I can work a butler into the game. :smiley:


Boo Yaa =D


Great demo but it needs to be longer


How is your progress going?