Ripples of blood [WIP] Update 2.13 127 k words (still in with Osric with Sanchia without Anika route)

Sorry for the late update, due to an unfinished pile of assignments, the next update will be in three weeks! One question though, should the update include in game art (probably on character info page) or focus on the story itself first?

I’m working on it myself, so I can’t really do both at the same time without sacrificing speed :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I can’t answer the question, but I just want to say I like your art. (What’s that program you’re using? I don’t recognize the interface.)

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Thank you!! I’m using ibis paint since it’s pretty cheap and the reviews said it was beginner friendly (not too confusing).

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Hihi! I thought I should make a report progress, long story short, the amount of writing that I have to do for the festival and hiding route turned out larger than I thought it would be, I don’t think it’ll be finished for a while, but the hunting scene is finished (one part of the festival), and it’ll be great if you guys can try it out and tell me if it’s balanced enough.

Tldr: there’s a hunting mini game which I’ll be happy if you guys beta test☺️ (I alpha tested it so it should be pretty bug free).

Sadly the complete update (finished festival, hiding and first murder) won’t be anytime soon.


As it turned out, there were some bugs and the mechanism was sort of difficult, so I tweaked it, fixed the bugs and created an easy and hard mode.

Now that the hunting minigame is done, do you guys think I should do hide n seek, stay in role and recreate scene (biblical story) - optional for those who aren’t Christian (you can retry a failed minigame later from the 4), riddle w some dodging or poetry battle (includes poetry form, meter and content alteration).


Hi guys! I’m still working on the branches, but I thought I should drop this, turns out the choicescript ide game compilation has a feature that allows you to change background color and size text, this means you can increase or decrease font size and have more comfortable reading experience.

Unfortunately, the game compilation does not have save files, and you’d have to download the file each update since it’s not on web but is a local file.

Opening the file is automatic on laptops, however on iOS/ mobile, you have to download Microsoft edge and open the file with Microsoft edge. I’ll explain how to below.

Download below for demo With Customizable Reading Background But Not Save Files
Ripples of blood .html (1.4 MB)

Download the file, go to customize, change background (there is grey, green and sepia [I have no idea how to add the colors, so I tampered with night mode and whitemode]

As this file is a local file, if you want to open it in iOS, download Microsoft edge, open html with Microsoft edge using share button, apps, Microsoft edge, open.

Please tell me if any of the color combination does not feel alright. Unfortunately, I cannot add any modes since the person who made it (the one who made the choicescript ide and feature to compilation) used really advanced features (at least I can’t comprehend it😭). But I can probably change the font permanently so if you guys know a good one, feel free to tell me☺️

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