Rippers (W.I.P)

The year is 2027. Everything has started with a woman suddenly getting crazy and start attacking other people. Every person who was touched by that woman got as crazy as her. That night, they teared so many people into pieces. That’s why they are called Rippers.

It was the end of humanity.

You left the city and moved to New York, hoping you can start a new life there. Unfortunately, the situation in New York wasn’t any different from your town.

You and a group of other survivors find yourselves constantly on the move in search of a safe and secure home.

Can you find the reason why people suddenly turned into rippers? Is there any way to save humanity?

You can choose your gender, sexuality and appearance.

You can be a police officer, a doctor or a driver.

You will get more information about Rippers in the game.

Working on Chapter 1 and stats screen…


The game looks interesting I can not wait for the demo !, but I have some questions:
1 can we work alone or will it always be in a group?
2 we can create or improvise weapons?
3 will you add more professiosns or only will be those three?

  1. You can work alone, but you have to meet a group eventually.
  2. You can improvise weapons.
  3. Only these three because they are useful in Apocalypse like this.

Will the other characters be gender-locked?
Also, can you fight the rippers, or just avoid/defend against them?

Very interesting game, will look forward to further development. Good luck!

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First, you will defend yourself from them because you don’t know how to fight them. After you find out how to defeat them, you will start fighting.

I won’t say how. You will find out in the game. I want the player to be as clueless as MC. It would be more interesting, wouldn’t it?

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It sounds interesting! I’m looking forward to more!

Also, Jus drein Jus daun!

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I will definitely follow this game! :slight_smile:

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Another apocalyptic game! I love it so much. I can’t wait for chapter 1 :smile:

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How many ROs are there?

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5 or 6. I haven’t decided yet

I love everything about apocalypse! :wink:

This is not an apocalypse game.

This is tag. On steroid. :laughing:

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Sounds interesting I hope this goes far

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Well, the game about the end of humanity. Like zombie apocalypse

How do Rippers differ than humans, despite their behavior? Like, is their appearance any different than humans? How do people actually know and identify who is the Ripper?

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Their appearance and behavior are different from humans.

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