Riddle stuff help needed


Hi guys i’m new and I think this site is awesome. I don’t know if this is the place to post it, but I have an idea for a story and I have a good plot, but I was also thinking about putting a secret code/riddle in it. It’s one of those, “find the secret word” things.

Is it too obvious? This is what the riddle will be:
"Find the secret word. irbfiwlrnxesttubsoowk


Is it stubs


No, that’s not it. Although I can see how you would have guessed that.


Is it books


You’re getting warmer, but no.


Maybe have some kind of tiny hint as to what word the reader is looking for because you can make multiple words using these letters.


Thanks for the suggestion, i’ll put hints in my story


If I hold my screen up to a mirror, am I going to see the answer or were those letters coincidentally put together?


If you want I could just tell you what the secret word is


Also there’s no U. I meant that to be an A.


Well there goes my answer: buttsex




What the fuck? Ohhhh I see. Backwards it has that word in it xD


Not quite but pretty close


Bookends!!! Right! Right? …right?


Bat? Inverse


Almost. Hint: It’s a type of battle


Not quite, but good guess.


Wait, buttsex backwards wasn’t intentional?

Also, is it stab?

Edit: Wait of course it wasn’t intentional. The U was meant to be an A. Don’t know how I forgot that straight away.


Extremely close, but no.