Retired game

retired game


Aah, I see you’re having fun with the title.
Anyway, shouldn’t this gone into WIP category?

Edit: it’s done, folks.

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Yup! Had a bit of trouble doing it on mobile. Should be good!

Fun fact, this game is 100% written on my mobile device! I hammer at it during my commute because my laptop is too bulky and the tram is too crowded to effectively work on my other projects.


How long did you ponder for this title? :thinking:

How would you describe Arin Arnold in three words?

Quite bad tempered.

Kind of grumpy

Something to do with floaty islands?

“Every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction,” you retort.

“Whatever you say, Einstein.”

I know you’re not looking for feedback on this, but that’s from Newton and I kind of think that fits a steampunk-ish atmosphere better than Einstein?

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It shall forever be known as first among WIPs. Alphabetically, at least.


Whenever you read the name you have to shout it


When I read the title of the thread, I could swear it was someone yelling excitedly for no reason. Lol it looks interesting though.


Oh I was actually gonna make that change! Thanks for reminding me.

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How exactly do you pronounce this? Do you call it the double-triple A, the triple-double A or do you just scream out loud? People must know!

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And I said Ayayayayay ayayay. I said Ay, what’s goin’ on?



I’d like to start by saying that, Will, your writing style draws me in. I am curious as to what happens next for sure.

That said, let me get to what you are asking about!

  1. I enjoy our main character. He seems to be a scientist 100% devoted to his studies. I can foresee this being an issue or problem depending on what you choose in the future.

  2. Cory Jameson: In three words? Intractable. Fameseeking. Frustrating. I like the captain, I do. But she seems a bit vainglorious (perhaps what you’re going for) and I’m interested to see how things go with her (him depending on choices). She could either be a main protagonist, or depending on the story, the main antagonist.

  3. Currently I dont know about anything about the mission. I know it is to investigate islands nearish to Honolulu, in a post or near post WW2 scenario. I am confused/concerned why we are the only scientist on board. I feel like having a geologist and anthropologist in tow would make sense, since theoretically we’re making first contact (possibly) and we dont have much to discuss but rain patterns. Why is it just us? Maybe the locals will consider us gods cause we can tell then when it can rain, but personally I would have issues with that.

Possibly we could be living a Robinson Crusoe type lifestyle trying to aid who we can (native/nonnative) in survival.

  1. Steampunk/relying on zeppelins seems more a thing than in regular history. We tended to steer more towards planes…but this would be a great chance if you wanted to introduce alternate time line tech. Something different should you choose.

5). I dont know. My 1st grade science fair project on clouds was 28 years ago. I expect to be educated. Educated!

I look forward to future updates. Love your writing!

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Damn, because I thought the game was pretty explicit about the difference!


Nimbostratus means raincloud.


… the brilliant, alien clouds in the upper atmosphere … It’s a thick layer of cirrostratus clouds, blocking out the sun with a faint translucent glow that forms a beautiful halo of light

And if you hit that option, more flavour text:

These types of clouds have always reminded you of depictions of God leaning down from the heavens, His outstretched fingers just a hair’s width from the reach of Man.

Another edit: seriously though these types of clouds are spectacular. Take a look at this:

In all honesty this game is basically a chance for me to geek out about clouds.


I think imagery description would be better than what it’s right now.

Something like

Nimbostratus are big puffy clouds which usually cause rain


Cirrostratus are thin clouds that layer the outer atmosphere, kind of like when you thin out cotton fibre

Later, you can put additional text that describe each cloud uniqueness.

You’re thinking of cumulus clouds!

A large and puffy cloud, like a cotton ball

Nimbostratus clouds (in the context of the main character talking down to the captain) are:

… thick clouds that are very tall, hundreds of miles tall in fact. They make heavy rain.

Oh, right. That was cumulus group.
So nimbostratus is more overcast?

Ah, now I remember how the naming works. Nimbostratus is Nimbus (rain) + Stratus (fibers), right?

I see, I think. It’s stratus, but thick and dense enough to produce rain.
Would you call some cloud formation here as Nimbostratus?

I really like triple double A. Thanks for releasing your creativity.

Those look like stratus clouds, but they are way, way too low. They’re basically fog. The altitude display reads 180 feet when stratus clouds (considered to be “low”) sit at about 2 kilometres high (6500 feet).

Nimbostratus clouds are about 2 kilometres high at the base and stretch up roughly 4 kilometres tall to a height of 6 kilometres (20,000 feet). They’re both a low level and medium level cloud simultaneously.

They look like this: