Response Team (Dialogue Creation Team)

One of the toughest things to do is getting in the minds of the readers/players and thinking…what would they want to do?

I’m searching for people who are interested to be part of a response team. To give your idea for a response to a certain scenario or dialogue at times. There won’t be any time schedule or anything, just a post and whenever you feel like responding doing so. Although I do request those that plan on being relatively active. This will be relative to the legacy games.

If you’re interested be sure to send me a message showing your interest.


Every response team needs a medic… I don’t mind giving some input.

They need stealthy assassins too.

@Doctor Haha I can’t argue there, always gonna need a doc

@faewkless What good is a response team without assassins ^_^, you know what, I’m not gonna answer that =p

A better response team? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Cecilia_Rosewood :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Can’t argue with that one. Though my precious assassins might not support that =p

I am extremely against that sentiment.
The best response teams are the ones you never see coming

So you need people to come up with dialogue? I think I can help.
And besides that, every response team needs an assassin that knows magic.

And uh…Every response team needs a badass warrior lesbian, right? Right?


I can’t argue there :slight_smile:

If you need people, I’m game.

I tend to go for flirty schemer. :smile:

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that always makes things entertaining ^~^ I usually have to rewrite those lines at least seven times. it’ll be great to get other insights =p

sure count me in i have a few good ideas

I am lurker-tastic but I do check the site almost daily, and I’d be willing to come out of lurking for something like this.
Not to mention I believe every response team should have an anti-social jackass of all trades. :].