Removing people from pm group

Is there any way to remove people from a private message group? Any way at all?

You have to be the author, then scroll up to the first post, you’ll see a list of participants with x’s next to each name.


Thank you so much!

Does that work for non-mods? I had this discussion with someone the other day (well, the other month) and we couldn’t find any way to remove people from PM groups.

I also just checked, and a PM group I started has no x’s next to the names of the participants.

At the time, I looked on the Discourse forums as well and they said it was impossible for a user (as opposed to an admin) to remove someone from a PM thread…but maybe I misunderstood?

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Oh, maybe. I hadn’t thought of that. I had assumed you needed to be the author (that seems the sensible way to do it), but maybe it is only for mods and admins. Any luck with that @Mystjerne?

She’s asleep right now, and was doing me and my friends a favor.

One of the idiots (Check: Author of the PM) Invited my sister into the PM we’re using to work on the WIP.

I can’t work with her there, and there’s stuff she can use on there against me on there, so we can’t just make a new one.

But, luckily, she’s been gone for a few days, so I don’t know if she’s screenshot the “blackmail”.

This is why I dislike younger siblings.

So, I just invite you and you can delete her?

It’s probably best to be careful before you add anyone to your PM Group. Of course sometimes mistakes happen.

If you do want someone removed from your PM group, or want to be removed yourself feel free to message any of us mods and ask us, letting us know the name of the person you want removed. Then if you invite us to join the PM in question we can easily remove the person, and then remove ourselves.

This is best if you’re the one who started the message.

If someone is causing trouble in PMs, you can also flag a post in that PM, and make a note of what you want done. Flagging a private message automatically allows all moderators access to that message thread until the flag is resolved.

Use this if you really have to though, and don’t abuse it. We mods would much rather keep out of your private messages.


Hi guys, just wondering if there was any update on a way to take people out of a group PM if needed without having to bother the mods since the last post? (I don’t need it done at the moment but I keep meaning to ask every time I think about it: Like it someone wants to be removed from a beta test so they’re not being bugged by PMs or for people who decided to sign up then changed their minds.) I don’t have those X’s next to people’s names.