Can you mute people on the forum?

Putting it here since I don’t want to cause a scene or anything.

I know that you can mute threads you don’t want to see, but can you mute people? I have been looking for an option to do that, but haven’t found anything.

Let’s make it clear that it is not a question of offensive posts worthy of flagging.


I feel like this question has been raised before, and that the answer is no. However, I’d encourage you to go over to the Discourse Discourse and see what they have to say about it/recommend it to them.

That said, I suspect someone’s already suggested it to them, so they probably have a reason why they haven’t implemented such a feature.

There’s no way to make someone else’s posts invisible, but there is an option to mute notifications from other forum members. Replies and likes–I think you still get notified if they PM you though.

I don’t know about desktop, but on mobile if you go to Preferences, Notifications, scroll down to the bottom and there’s the option for Users

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And it’s the same on PC, found in your own profile.

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