Disabling PMs

What it says in the title; Does anyone know how to do that?

I’m not sure that there’s a “blocking” PMs from a specific user function. The best I can find is “muting notifications from other users” or “disable allowing all other users to send me private messages.”

Both are in your user settings: if you click on your profile picture, click the gear icon, and then scroll down to Notifications on the left and click it, it will give you the option to “mute” a user so you’re not notified if they post, tag you, and I assume PM you, or there’s the option to disable people from PMing you entirely.

I hope that helps!


I would also say if someone is PMing you that you’d rather did not do so, and you ask them to stop and they refuse, the mods would likely be able to step in.


Thanks, but I don’t want to block/blacklist/whatever users. Noone gave me a reason for doing that. I just wonder if there is a way I could turn off the whole PM function?

Ah. Never mind then.

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Yup, there’s an option under your Notifications setting in your “preferences” (the gear icon that appears when you press your icon at the top right). Uncheck the box that says “Allow other users to send me private messages.”


Oh, thanks again. Tried to look for it there, but it seems I somehow managed to miss that.

Edit: And thanks for your concern too, @hustlertwo