Help With Notifications

Every time I visit this site to check out any new WIPs or updates I see the same (redacted) notifications. Every time. The same. (redacted). Notifications. Every time I click the close button. Every time they return. “Enable notifications”, " Download the app". NO. I won’t do any of these. I havent done any of these. I never will. Why??? Who tough that this is a good idea? How can I make them go away??? It’s absolutely (redacted) insufferable… I never want to see them again. Never.
So, how do I STOP them from tormeting my existence? There has to be a way. Thanks.

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Those notifications are designed and implemented by the forum software makers… you might find the answers you seek here:

As frustrated as you are, please remember that the moderators and staff who are here are not your personal punching bag. Incoming PM, please do not ignore it.


Your browser should have the option to “never ask again,” PC or mobile.

It doesn’t.

What browser are you using? On what computer/device?

UC browser on an Android smartphone.

Can you post a screenshot of the notification prompt?

Here you go.