Anyone else wish there was an app for this site?

I wish I got notifications on my phone. As opposed to only getting notifications from an app I don’t use anymore but don’t want to delete just in case and texts from Meijer and shit.

When I first signed up as a user on here I didn’t think it’d become one of the sites I use the most (the other being Youtube):grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I grabbed the discourse app out of curiosity. Ummmm, what does it do that the web based can’t do? :slight_smile:


I didn’t know this existed!! Thanks😄

AFAIK, nothing. It literally just launches it through Safari on iOS for me (maybe it does something else on Android, I’d have to grab my other phone and check.)

Just opens the site through Chrome for me and logs me out too, so I guess that makes it different.

Yeah, I didn’t do any research on the apps I found, I just googled, read the features and pasted links.

I don’t really use mobile apps beyond two-factor authentication.

Unless Discourse comes up with an actual API I think it will remain a full on web-app. That said - mobile friendly web apps seem to be the way a lot of the big-name stuff is going. They then only have to develop for one platform, not two or more and don’t have to contend with daft app store policies.

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