Upgraded forums

I’ve upgraded the version of Vanilla forums we’re using. Most of you should see no immediate difference, but moderators have access to a few new tools.

Do let us know here or at support@choiceofgames.com if you encounter new issues.

No immediate difference? I see so many differences.

  1. Notifications come in the bottom left in black.
  2. All the spam discussions are at the bottom of the page.
  3. The theme I think is also changed as the New Discussion button’s color is different and the Number of Discussions in each category is highlighted in black.

Aesthetic differences aren’t exactly mind-blowing, THOUGH, I definitely like the Draft Saved notification a bit more; black is a much more agreeable color.

Am I crazy, or are there new smileys?

Im in a phone and appear more buttons sadly no pages numbers
Edit YES they appear page numbers im happy that’s really helpful thanks

Finally a Mark All Viewed button on my phone

when I click on the button “my bookmarked” it only displays 20 or so of my bookmarked Discussions with on way for there to have the others displayed, Is this a bug or is this affecting others?

I just bookmarked 25 discussions and saw them all on the “My Bookmarked” page. Is that not what you see?

I can only see 30 but I have over 70 bookmarked, which is a bit annoying not being able to see them all and therefor not being able to delete the ones marked closed in one go.

I have a problem like that but it’s a little different. On the My Discussions page it says “My Bookmarks (5)”. But when I click it, only 4 are shown. And I do only have 4 Bookmarked.