Spoilers don't appear, help?

So I’m on my phone 99% of the time when I read/check forums, and I’m having an issue since the app came out where I can’t see spoiler text even if I “click” it, and I tried both dark and light theme but it still won’t show, does anyone know what I’m doing wrong here? Cause I can’t seem to find anyone else with this issue…

Do you use your phone’s browser or the Forum app? (which is offered every first login of the day if you’re using browser)

For sample


I use the app, but it’s exactly the same on the browser, and I tried using google chrome but it forces me to open forums with the app or my default browser

Have you tried using both? Maybe the spoiler only doesn’t work in the app, in which case I’d suggest to “reinstall” it.

Simply re-adding the app fixed it lol, I’m dumb, thank you

To explain what it looked like, I didn’t notice until now when it’s fixed that you had spoiler text in your message haha
I don’t know how it happened, but apparently light theme had become dark theme, and dark theme had a completely black background, looked like this;

Just gonna leave this here, in case it helps in some way