Allowing Authors to close their own threads


Why are authors not allowed to close their own threads, particularly wips?


I don’t really see a point since we have our kind mods to PM and close them for us :slight_smile:


Yes the mods can but if one isn’t watching a thread, they don’t, then someone bumps it and upsets people.

[EDIT] I didn’t see the pm part. I just had the feeling that because there are so many unclosed threads that mods didn’t want to be bothered to close threads. Therefore people wouldn’t pm them and they would remain open.


I’m not saying this should be made someone’s top priority. I was just asking if it could possibly be considered adding if it doesn’t take too much time in the next update (I know nothing about actual coding so I wouldn’t know)? Or put at the bottom of the list of things to do.


I would think that something that might be more useful is giving authors the right to edit their first posts on WIP threads. I can understand why it would be a bad idea for general threads, but perhaps making a way of marking WIP threads as special and giving authors the ability to edit their first posts more than three times without help would be a useful tool. It would make storing demos and updating info just that little bit easier.


Worth noting that CoG doesn’t create forum software – they buy it from Discourse, and some of the constraints you’re discussing may come with the Discourse package.


Also, if a person needs to contact a mod to close the thread, they have time to re-affirm the decision to close it. Sometimes a whimsical closure is a bad thing. Just my take on it.


I figured it was something like that.


…we don’t have that privilege yet? :crying_cat_face:


I believe the first message becomes locked after 6 months along with every other post you make and you can no longer edit it. However I read someone’s post and they said actually if something were to be flagged a couple of times and then the person revises the post it is infinetly editable.


So - get my post flagged, then continue writing my story. Got it.