Inviting new people into private message thread problems

I’m having trouble inviting new participants into private message threads… I’m not entirely sure why. I had one thread (#1, 58 users, 338 replies) that didn’t allow me to invited people anymore, so I then started a second thread (#2, 18 users, 140 replies so far), which also now stopped me from adding new people.

Does anybody know if there are any cut-offs for inviting people, and if I have to just create a #3?

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I thought the limit was 50 people. Obviously if you have 58 in one thread than I was wrong.

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The problems of having a good super-popular game :grin:

(I think there were some forum bugs recently with people unable to edit their 1st posts. Maybe it’s related to that?)


Sometimes those numbers change without warning.

Entirely possible.

For the love of… I get how there can be an off by one with it reporting 19 users. I get how adding myself makes that 20, but why, why in the world when I remove myself does that number go up to 21? W/e looking into it.

Edit: Okay, looking at it, and I’m not figuring it out, but @adrao Is there a reason an unlisted topic doesn’t work? I… actually I can make a “private wip threads” category which would auto make those threads private I think. nvm I thought I could.


Hi Rachel,

Ok, no worries :slight_smile: . I now understand that these things are a lot more complicated than I first thought, and that it’s maybe not me doing something wrong. Anyway, it’s very easy for me to make a thread #3, and I now understand that these things change around, so anytime I have this problem I’ll just create a new thread (which, to be honest might make the overall discussions easier than having one thread with 100 people).

Thanks! :slight_smile:

@RETowers I’m sort of having problems with this, too? I want to start a private PM thread for alpha testers, but while I can obviously invite multiple people to the thread when making it from the get-go, I’m no longer allowed to invite people after the initial post. (There used to be an [Add or Remove…] button in the top post, but now there’s only a “Share Link” button at the bottom of the thread. Clicking it, then copy-pasting the link under “Send an Invite” results in giving someone the link to the private thread, only for them to be told they don’t have permission to access it.)

From reading on Discourse’s help forum, this is either a trust-level thing (only TL2 and up can invite people to threads?), a bug, or a new feature they quietly added without much fanfare… Has anyone found a solution to it, or should we just get the number of people we’re inviting to private testing right the first time? :sweat_smile:

EDIT to add: I think I’ve figured it out! People who start the private thread by creating the first post can not add or remove users thereafter. Other people in the thread can, however, so if you are a recipient of a PM, you can add other people!

Why this is useful or makes much sense, I don’t know, but there it is!


Ah… so that’s it… I was also having trouble recently (the links seem to have changed, as you point out). I am wondering also why the change (it is a bit inconvenient, as I also don’t know how to now create private threads where I can invite beta testers). Maybe the makers of the forum changed the way it operates?

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A solution, for now, is to invite a Leader or mod to do your invites and then they can leave after. Or stay as you both desire.

Until this is resolved one way or another this temporary solution might be best.

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