How does one send messages?

I was hoping to ask Mayday "When it says I’m a female does it mean my body, or my spirit do spirits even have names or gender is that something I’ll figure out by later? I’d also like to find someone who knows about Highland deep waters get vague advice like “Everyone joins the cult or it’s game over just go along with it and be obedient for a while. " Or " oh no you have to do this to get a good ending the cult I’d the bad ending” but I can’t send messages.

I am not 100% certain but I think you need to earn a certain trust level on the forum first (it’s an automatic thing you get after a while when you post regularly) to be able to send private messages

You don’t have to send private messages for that, just go to the game’s respective thread post your issue and someone will eventually answer. Bug reports, technical issues, reviews, inquiries, all these things can be posted in the thread whereas PMs are usually reserved for more private or important matters (IMO). You should also take a look at the thread’s content as your issues may have already been answered or solved.

But MeltingPeguings got the gist of it - you just made an account here, in order to prevent spammers and other nuisances, you’ll have to post regularly and abide by the rules here to unlock more account features.

Iirc, simbly visiting the forum regularly can up your status from “new account”.

But I’ve seen several ppl who get their “basic” status in less than 4h of their 1st post, by posting a lot of comments.

But don’t spam, pls