I would like to beta test things

Would any one that’s looking for beta testers PM me, I’m new to the forum and such so I don’t know how to email using the forum.

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For what kind of game? People wanting to beta test a CoG game need to send an email themselves asking for a spot, and you don’t use forum email accounts for that anyway. As for hosted games, people will usually put up a post calling for testers.


Just click on the profiile picture of the person you want to DM, and then click the blue Message button.

Otherwise, look at each thread case-by-case. Not every author requires you to DM them.

Or you look in the WIP threads, it is no beta, but the authors in the threads want some feedback on their projects. And you do not have to apply anywhere. You read the WIP and give feedback about it. MOst authors are happy to get more feedback.

Oh ok

New members of the forum may not necessarily have PM access until their trust level rises.

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I can PM people my trust lvl should be high enough