How does one beta test?


I’d like to participate (or ar least try to) in betas , because I like helping people and I love CoG , but I’m not quite sure how.

Do I wait 'till I find a beta that I think is intresting , and ask the author to give me a link to the current stage of the game , and message/email him my findings ? Do I ask on the thread , do I PM/DM (if there is that sort of stuff , I’m new !) , do I email ?

Guys , please help . Thanks !


Hi there, welcome to the forums.
Official COG beta testing will usually be announced and you can volunteer via email.
Hosted games testing: You can jump into any threads where people have posted WIP asking for feedback. (Probably the most frequent way). Sometimes a full hosted game will need testing, again usually the authors will ask for help when they need it. Just follow their instructions to get access.


@SIrLordChris, a pleasure to hear from you. As for your question…

One does not simply… Beta Test. Well, I guess they actually do, but anyhow. When it comes to beta testing an official cog game that will soon e released, either Jasonstevenhill or dfabulich will make a post. It’ll have the name of the game with “Beta Testers Wanted” the instructions to test are at the top of the post. They’ll have an email there for you to send your request to. Your forum name, stating that you want to test, the game your testing for. Along with any other information that might be requested.

When it comes to general beta testing on the forum, if the game is in its final stages and in preparation of being submitted to cog, the author will most likely ask that you pm them to get a link that you can test.

Otherwise, general beta testing simply involves clicking on a W.I.P. reading what the author is looking for, clicking the link and playing the game then giving your feedback, posting errors or grammar mistakes you’ve noticed and the likes associated with beta testing. Hope this helps!


Well met to you as well @Jacic !

I am really gratefull for the advice , I needed it!

Also thanks a lot for taking your time to reply to me , it helps a lot ! :slight_smile:

Good day to you !


@Arcania , a pleasure speaking (or typing I guess) to you as well !

First of all , thanks for taking the time to reply , I appreciate that ! :slight_smile:

Second of all , thanks a lot for the advice , I didn’t know half of that stuff ! I’ll try to keep an eye out in the WiP section place thing !


Anytime mate and good luck :wink: