CoG Requirements for Hosted Beta

One of the requirements for Hosted Games publishing is to run a beta test of the complete game on the CoG forums. The page for Hosted Games writing specifies that it has to be a public beta. However, there have been a couple of WIPs that underwent private or closed beta.

So, my question is can the game be tested on the forums privately or is a public demo for the entire game required for publishing?


Privately works, I think. I saw lots of games being published without a public beta.


This is my understanding:

During the WiP phase, testing is handled however the author/developer desires.

Once the game is submitted to Hosted Games it undergoes review and it is at that point a full public demo may be required.


Have a look at this thread, in which I link to a bunch of earlier ones and there’s clarification that “public” doesn’t mean “open”:


Thanks, @Havenstone. That thread was actually what I was poring over trying to find an answer to the question, but I guess I didn’t squint at it hard enough.

So, just to get this straight (I’m having a little trouble parsing :sweat_smile:), you don’t have to run a fully-open-to-the-general-public beta of the game? Since it’s also mentioned that CoG looks at the beta thread to see how the game was received?


What I did, was run a public beta during the early stages, to have people help me with input and the like. Once that was done, I rewrote parts of the game, and then had a closed beta announced on the forum, and run through DMs where people went over the final product with a comb. That seemed to be okay.


Which can be a Private Message thread on the forum.


Yeah, you don’t have to make it open—no safeguards about who plays it—but it’s important that you announce it publicly and accept testers who aren’t your friends. It’s about having people with different experiences and viewpoints give it a shot, so the game isn’t made in an echo chamber.