Removed characters from “Kiss from Death” By William Loman

Hi, people!
I was reading through this game’s code and found this:
“Further note: Jolliant, Orrean, Silk, Flrrrr, Plucky, and Rigrenn have been removed from the game”
I’m really curious, does anyone know why they were removed? Is it possible to find their stories somewhere? Please, @will ? :pleading_face:

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As far as I am aware, they could be the additional ROs that were originally planned for the game (the first name sounds like it could have been the jellyfish RO). Will ultimately decided not to double the amount of available characters somewhere around the final months of development. I’m not sure it the stories were ever written.


Sorry for bothering again, @will
Just saw the post below about a mayfly: Sussurus, the ravenfolk seer.

Was it a prize only for Elysian being the first to get 42 achievements or anyone who complete them can access the side story?

Loved your writing so I’m trying to find all the extra content I can! :heart:

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You’re right! After some digging, I found out who they were planned to be:

  • Jolliant of Bo, a Colossus of the God of Nature
  • Orrean, a Windstorm Djinn
  • Silk, a Guardian Naga of the Grove
  • Flrrrr, a jellyfish
  • Plucky Moonlight, a Faerie Queen
  • Rigrenn, a tiger devil

Info from this poll:

About the characters:

The choice of limiting the scope:

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I guess I’ll answer this one! Sussurus is in the game for anyone to meet, regardless of how many achievements you have.

My prize was that Will outlined a few possible mayflies, and I was allowed to pick which one he actually wrote and placed in the game. Which was awesome!

Not gonna lie, I would have loved to see the removed characters’ storylines too, but A Kiss From Death is already one of the top tier ChoiceScript titles IMO, and there’s still plenty to enjoy.


That’s so cool! Thanks for the reply, @Elysian :heart:

Please, do you know how to find Sussurus?
I don’t mind spoilers at all!
Can’t seem to find this character in the variables declared on the startup.txt file.

I’d love a DLC with these removed characters.
The jellyfish seems so cute hahahha
But I saw Will saying somewhere that there will be no DLC :sob: