Reminiscence; Memories of Eternity [Updated 11th Sep 2022 Aria Chapter 3 Complete]

Please vote for a potential love triangle.

  • MC with Claire and Estelle
  • MC with Claire and Faye

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@Astralise.Ink is there a map or something?

Also which country does Faye come from? And does we have an art of her?


@Murdockchan Faye comes from a country in the East. A country so far away, it’s not a part of the Ascailan Imperium. It’s close to the Empire if Sainan, where your mother came from. Maps are in progress but they are a massive undertaking and will take some time.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any art of Faye.


Wait Faye is an RO too? She isnt in the list in original post

Why is Magus the insufferable boarhead called Harver Magus III when his father’s Harver Magus III, is he the fourth or the third?

Yes, she wasn’t. But I left the possibility of adding more ROs open.

It’s a typo, the boarhead’s father should have been the second. Fixed it.


Prince is ff 15 protagonist but with gate of babylon instead of crystal weapons


Oh my gods! Above and below! This was awesome!!! Your writing style is so ethereal! Im digging what you have here, Dear Author! Keep it up! I wanna buy the finished product!


@Den Haha! Something like that.

@Rahdbaan Aw! That’s so nice of you to say. Thanks! Glad you liked it.

Added a WIP map of Aion. Although it’s quite empty, you can get some idea of the locations. Also @Murdockchan Faye comes from Dejong in the distant East. For scale, please check the top left.


@Astralise.Ink May I ask then, which country is based on which then?

I have not proceeded far enough in the demo to comment on the story itself, but I do have a rather critical piece of accessibility feedback.

The images are gorgeous, and the rendering of the prose clearly took some real effort to design. That said, anyone using a screen reader will not be able to read any of that text because it is located on an image, rather than in the normal text fashion. There are many such people out there who enjoy these games that need to use tools like the aforementioned screen reader to follow along with these stories. Too many passages of text put on images will foil anyone not able to read them with their limited, or complete lack of sight.

I’m going to get back to reading now that I’ve said my piece.


Actually, it depends on the screen reader you’re using, the latest version of iOS, the one that most of us use, has an updated text recognition software for VoiceOver, the screen reader that comes with it and it’s able to parse it

And for those who don’t use apple products? That assumes a lot, including the idea that all trusted tools are created equal. I would hope everyone who needs them is getting the best possible support, but I do have my reasonable doubt in that regard, which is why “better safe than sorry” isn’t a stretch to consider.


Hmm—" Calix exaggeratedly strokes his chin. “If I can eat a hundred dumplings, you can have my skateboard.”
“The one signed by Ren Vellicent?”
“Yes, and if I win”—his lips curl into a mischievous grin—"I get your Imperius #1

I am not sure if this is a grammar mistakes or my lack of English knowledge - English is not my first language - but I am not sure as to who’s about try and eat the dumblings.
Now I know, I still think there’s a grammer problem, but now I know.
Great story so far. Loved every second of reading it. Best of luck

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Both lol

Can you elaborate? Are you asking which country is based on which real world country?

@LadyUmbreon89 Thanks! You wre correct. I worked quite a bit on it. But you are also absolutely right about the limitations screen readers. I will create the option of choosing text only.

@Adhi_KlpNz It was a typo. Should have been “can’t”. Thanks for pointing it out. And thanks for reading.

@KoChenko Hi! Thanks for playing both routes. I appreciate it.


To put it frankly, yes.

Well, much of Aion isn’t based on the the Earth, except for the Silk Empire which is based on China and Dejong, which is an amalgamation of Korea and Japan.

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This is a WIP of the map of Lòrelei, a flat world.


That was fun. Looking forward to more.

Did catch this. I have very short blue hair… yet