Reminiscence; Memories of Eternity [Updated 11th Sep 2022 Aria Chapter 3 Complete]

━┉┅┅╍╍ ━═⊹⊱≼≽⊰⊹═⁢━ ╍╍┅┅┉━

“Being both in love and wise, not even the gods can manage that.”

━┉┅┅╍╍ ━═⊹⊱≼≽⊰⊹═⁢━ ╍╍┅┅┉━

He is a child of prophecy, the chosen prince struggling under the weight of his destiny. Unable or unwilling to walk the path fate has set for him.

She is a living goddess, the divine princess with a tragic calling. Fate has decreed the end of her immortal life in blood and betrayal.

Can men or even gods alter what is written in the stars?

━┉┅┅╍╍ ━═⊹⊱≼≽⊰⊹═⁢━ ╍╍┅┅┉━

Stars are dying at the edge of the Universe. The Great Darkness stirs. His dark champion leaves a trail of dead worlds in his wake. Demons, banished long ago, returns from Inferno. The Dark Pantheon rises in the space between the stars.

In Aion, the Prince of Light grapples with love, life, college, court intrigue, and international politics.

In Lòrelei, the Celestial Songstress struggles with fate and free will, love and destiny, immortality and the mortal condition.

━┉┅┅╍╍ ━═⊹⊱≼≽⊰⊹═⁢━ ╍╍┅┅┉━

Once upon a time, there was a Universe…

━┉┅┅╍╍ ━═⊹⊱≼≽⊰⊹═⁢━ ╍╍┅┅┉━

This is an exploration of free will vs predestination, total freedom vs perfect safety, chaotic democracy vs orderly autocracy, and the tragedy and hope of starcrossed romances set against the backdrop of a galactic war.

Hi! I’m back! I started working on this before Knights of Evallon, and I am finally ready to share a little bit of it. The details are below and please feel free to ask me anything.


Reminiscence; Memories of Eternity is a romantasy set against the backdrop of a galactic war at the prophesied end times—called Eternity’s End.

As you may have guessed, romance is an integral part of the story, much more so than in Knights of Evallon. Both games are set in the same Verse and has few overlapping characters. However, you don’t have to play one to understand the other.

The story begins in Aion and Lòrelei, the homeworlds of the playable characters.

Aion is a world of science and magic. It’s a world once ruled by the Fae, who had enslaved the ancient humans. But after Amadeus Invictus Aeternus led the humans to rebellion and eventual victory against the Fae and the Sun Queen Titania, humans have become the dominant species, marginalizing the other races and even driven to extinction.

Lòrelei is a flat world teeming with magic and wonder. It’s the prime world in the heavenly dimension between universes called the Celestial Sea, the home of the gods. The Eylfnär, the gods of Lòrelei, inhabit the blessed Eastern lands while myriad races, including elves, humans, and dwarves, inhabit the other continents. However, this seemingly idyllic world has deep dark secrets lurking beneath the glittering patina.

Playable Routes

There are two playable routes.

Aria: A Prince’s Tale (gender-locked to male)
Rhapsody: A Goddess’ Song (gender-locked to female)

Their stories will converge eventually. So there will be three chapters to each story.

The Prince’s Path:
Eternity’s End

The Goddess’ Path:
Eternity’s End

Stats and Powers

Physical, Charisma, Intrigue, and Health are self-explanatory, so I’ll concentrate on the rest.

Spirit is the amount of Mana available.

The other powers are different for the characters.

The Prince:

Telekinesis: Lets you move objects, block, and hover. At high levels, it will enable you to fly, dismantle stuff, and even bring down the moon.

Bloodline Arsenal: You can summon the weapons of your ancestors through golden portals. You can wield them or simply hurl them like projectiles.

Eternal Flame: You will eventually be able to access the Eternal Flame itself. At first, you’ll be able to shoot beams of light from your eyes and mouth. However, the Eternal Flame is capable of so much more.

The Goddess:

Asterokinesis: The stars are one of your dominions. You can wield starlight for destruction and healing. You can also summon the spirits of the constellations. The particular spirits available for summoning depend on the constellations of the world you are in.

Immortal Beloved: Love is another one of your dominions. You can charm people, as well as any, being capable of love. You can also will the powerful bow of love.

Celestial Symphony: Music is your third domain. Unlike the Prince’s Eternal Flame, you have immediate access to this power. It lets you achieve a multitude of feats with your music and songs, including but not limited to hypnosis, transmutation, and more.


Prestige: Affects your general perception and diplomatic gravitas.

Piety: Eventually, piety will let you call in divine favors.

Solar/Lunari: These are the currencies and representations of your wealth. You can use them to help the people, bribe, hire mercenaries, etc. Since you are royalty, you have a substantial amount.


These are WIPs of maps of Aion (a spherical world) and Lòrelei (a flat world). Although it’s quite empty, you can get some idea of the locations. For scale, please check the top left corner.

Dashingdon Demo
Word Count: 36,526
Socials: Tumblr, Discord
Available Chapters:
Chapter 1: A Summer Night’s Dream
Chapter 2: The Wayward Prince
Chapter 3: Predestined by the Divine

Chapter 1: Stars in the Twilight

Feedback Details

-Prose flow, grammar, readability, etc. There might be errors because there’s a chance I have missed some branches.
-Anything else.

Update Notes: 11th September 2022
Aria Chapter 3 complete

Past Update Logs

Update Notes: 27th August 2022
Finished the first scene of Aria Chapter 3 which involves your first official meeting with Ashärielle.
Added some details about the Geography and Polity of Aion, and WIP maps of Aion and Lòrelei in the library.

Update Notes: 22nd August 2022
8000 words added to Aria, taking the word count excluding codes to 22,094. Chapter 2 of Aria is complete. Next up is Chapter 2 of Rhapsody.

Art by Kutty Sark


Another day, another cosmic struggle against the forces of evil/chaos. I’ll never get tired of it. And the story has a strong start, that’s for sure. I’m hooked.

On an unrelated note, I find it funny that our almighty goddess, wielder of stars, has cash to dole out. I’m wondering if she receives it as a salary. Maybe she can receive bonuses by being the goddess of the month.


@Oreven Haha! Glad you like it. And yes, the cash system is a little weird for her. I imagine she has a direct line to the God of Wealth or something. Also, affirmative on the Goddess of the Month bit. Lmao!


Ah yes😭
The dreaded “play again”
I enjoyed it.
I look forward to it’s update


@Gintoki_Chan Wow! Glad you liked it so much. This project is my baby. Btw, could you tell me the route you played? @Oreven Could you do the same? Thanks!


Probably best to set up a poll if you want to see what everybody’s route was


This looks promising! I enjoyed the writing style of this one. And I have to say, the names one is allowed to choose from are very beautiful.


@Sujan_Dhakal You are right. Will do.

@Caronte Glad you liked it. Also, thanks. I tried to make the names fit the characters.


Ah :joy:I don’t know if I should be worried, for a project it was very interesting. I look forward to seeing how it ends
I haven’t read your other books but I will look them up and tell you what I think.

I picked the Prince’s route.


For that pole, best to offer third option saying both because there are some of us who will do that, I don’t think I’m the only one


Hi! Please participate in this poll and help me out.

Which route did you play?

  • Aria: A Prince’s Tale
  • Rhapsody: A Goddess’ Song
  • Both

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How right you are


@Gintoki_Chan @Sujan_Dhakal @Oreven Thanks for the responses. And yes, I added the “Both” option as well.


Should probably link the pole in your original post as well for anyone in the future who doesn’t want to dig through all of this


Can I link the same poll to the OP?

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I think so, yes

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I’ll try it. Got no idea though.:sweat_smile:

Edit: Did it. Got a badge for it too.


@Gintoki_Chan Hello again! Sorry, but can you elaborate on this part? Lol, trying to get as much feedback as possible.


You have another project
Can I ask why don’t you focus on one before embarking on another?
Because I really like Reminiscence, so I don’t know if you would finish it.

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@Gintoki_Chan The reason I work on more than one project is because I get tired of writing the same characters every day. So I switch between the two in order to relax and keep my creative juices flowing. As for Reminiscence, let me assure you, I will finish this. This is literally my life’s work. I have spent far too much time and money on this. (I’ll post the other artworks intermittently. Please don’t hate me for milking them in order to maintain activity).

This was supposed to be a book, but I thought making it a game will be more fun. Especially because I got too attached to the side characters and wanted to explore the main characters’ romances with them. I have already written a lot of the story, but I need to convert it because it’s in the third person past tense.

But thank you, I am glad you like it enough to worry. That’s so touching. Also, I do keep a word count log of both projects on Discord for my readers and myself to keep track of the progress made.