Reminiscence; Memories of Eternity [Updated 11th Sep 2022 Aria Chapter 3 Complete]

Finally, Estelle is here!


Edmund and Estelle


The colored drawings look even better


Yeah. I love how they have turned out.


The character arts for Team Aion is here! Awesome art by Kutty Sark


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I grossed myself out with this line of thought, but… That dumbarse Harver Magnus III might be hanging around the prince as an “extra guard” on M II’s orders.

Crack theory time?

It’s frickin’ devious if true–Harver does go outta his way to act like he doesn’t notice when others are annoyed by him, or when he’s being actively talked down to by the prince, shrugging it all off way too easily.

Why is he interested in stopping Faye from talking to whomever she pleases? Because that “whomever” happens to be the crowned heir, and chosen one? It surely doesn’t justify his stone armed attack, but if it is a distraction to show how much of a threat he can be when pressed… The Prince, and Calix both knew he could do that, so it wasn’t much of a surprise for them. Definitely not a warning aimed at them, either; as far as they’re concerned, he’s an over the top, self-centered ass who ‘might’ be jealous enough to take a dirty swing at someone. This perception of his character established, he sure did change his mind from “Come join me at the jock table cousin!” to “Hello attractive female who I must now drag away from my cousin! Alone! For an offscreen conversation for no particular reason!” There’s no mention of him being obnoxious to her outside of him trying to drag her away to that campus tour she wanted.

And what about Calix? No matter the severity of the shooting drama, not hearing about Calix’s fixation on her after the wake up scene post-goddess conversation is a little odd.

What happened to his crush on her that nothing from breakfast onward to a gaming session with Ed brings up how she’s doing as a new student? An interesting student, no less. (I am including the possibility that it just wasn’t created yet, so not relying on Calix’s ‘forgetfulness’ to support much. :wink:)

Were under house arre–I mean “bedrest”. I would love a followup on how things are going at the academy; maybe that jerk of a prof is a little more polite since the prince wouldn’t have left campus early if that hadn’t happened? I’m invested in that if only because getting kicked out was worth it to protect friendship, and support the idea that the prince is serious about Calix, a close friend, being treated at least as an equal in the classroom. :thinking:


The Gang is ready to kick some ass.
Meanwhile, Lucius brings the TEA.
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I would literally gawk. I had never imagined Magnus to be capable of such character complexity. If that happens, it might be the biggest plot twist of the story.



@LadyUmbreon89 Wow! You have put a lot of thought into it. I can’t say much more, except that all is not as it seems.But you’ll next see Faye at the gala where things will come to a head. The rest will be revealed slowly. Let’s just say that the Academy might be compromised.

@Oreven Lmao! The tea is real.


Still working on the update for Knights of Evallon, which should be out in a couple of days. In the meantime, take a look at Zaela the Bladesinger.

She is an orc but chose to master the elven art of bladesinging.


Zaela the Bladesinger is a giant 7’ tall orc who has
gone against stereotype and taken up the elven art
of bladesinging.

Her best friend Trinytra is a demon Firewalker who
has abandoned the conquering ways of her kind.

Together, these two outcasts laugh, adventure, and
wait perhaps for the Goddess from the East or
maybe a Prince from a distant star.


Love the art.


This looks really good I can’t wait to see what happens next


@Ace_Hero @Unknown_Nightmares Thanks! I really appreciate it.


Hi i’ve a question for this great story ^^

End of chapter 3 finish after have saved the little girl and the city of demons ?

Thanks you :slightly_smiling_face:

@rialta Hi! You can read how Chapter 3 ends in the demo.


hi it’s the end of chap 3 ?

Thanks you !

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Yeah, Rhapsody ends there as far as I know. :thinking:

Rhapsody talk

I’ve just been debating with myself who we readers might see next on her route. It was a pretty dramatic incident, what with needing to save everyone from the attack, so it is likely some friends, or even protectors of the goddess will show up to dote on her all worried if she got hurt, or needs a snack or something. I could even see it being the elf lady who was about to ask for a blessing right when that rude demonic invasion happened, but I don’t know if she’s even in the same city to be able to show up so quickly after.

Talking about answering the prayers of the goddess’ faithful; will there be more of that along with the rest of the lead-up toward the main quest? I don’t remember if that was asked, yet. It should have been, but if it hasn’t I guess I’ll pose it now.

Aria talk

So, the conversation with Cornelius was too cordial for my bratty prince. To be clear, this isn’t anything that strictly needs addressing any time soon, but I did want to put my thoughts out there… though, again, they are only thoughts on how the scene itself played out. :thinking:

When entering his father’s office, the first thing he says to his father in answer to ‘why he was late’ sounds way too apologizing, or even cautious? What little defiance we currently have in later parts of the scene seem to indicate his father doesn’t take any anger, or resentment the prince may hold seriously at all, ergo the prince has no reason to be apologetic about having a normal breakfast with his friends even if the emperor is pretending to put forward a stern front about having to wait. This also doesn’t allow a reader to really get testy with this absentee father who is still under the illusion that he can still demand respect from his son. We established in an earlier scene that the man is never around; big empire to run, and that. It doesn’t maintain the steam of a more resentful prince who could debate with Lucius about whether the emperor really cares, especially since the prince can assert that his father does not.

Next the apparent request to sit. (…we’re breaking down the whole interaction, not just a single part…) The emperor tells the prince to sit, and the spiciest thing the prince can do is make a very weak comment about sitting anyway regardless. This response doesn’t really cut it following the pretend interrogation about lateness, so something with a little more heat, as well as an option to outright refuse feels needed. Though this would need a rework to tweak for standing scene variants if you do let the prince remain standing, instead of finding a way to force him to sit–goodness knows the emperor will not be capable of forcing the prince I play to do so! :expressionless:

And then there was the “concerned father card”… the spiciest thing the prince could say here is a barely kicking “whatever” that must be half mumbled if Cornelius didn’t choose to get even a little a bit heated about it. We definitely need to call out papa dearest for his absentee bs here, because right now Cornelius can’t even convince anyone we’re wrong about being so strongly opposed to listening to him in anything. The emperor can’t defend himself–if he would even want to–if the prince just says nothing to indicate how wrong their relationship is to him. :sweat:

The emperor’s response to the prince saying he ‘can handle it’ provokes the only bit of heat he seems capable of showing his son, and it was to mock how well it was handled. Part me wanted the prince to interrupt, fiercely mentioning how some assassin-come-terrorist shooting on a crowd of innocents was a damn good reason to call fighting back having the situation “handled” so far as it went. My prince said he could handle it, and he had it handled; law enforcement was obviously going to be on the way in the meanwhile. My prince was counting on that when he faced the rude assassin to stop her shooting at empire citizens.

The keyword when it comes to any improvements made to these scenes is defiance; many readers will base how they interact with a character on what they know, and knowing how I personally feel about the direction I took things, we definitely aren’t being difficult enough toward the emperor at all.

Now we can set the topic of the first conversation with the emperor aside. That was something I was stewing on a while, but mainly because I was trying to self-determine if it should be brought up.

The scene where we are told, proxy Lucius, to “deal with it” regarding the disloyalist speaking agaist the royal family may need a little filling out as well. Two ways to refuse, and one where the prince (out of character for mine) mentions “beating up” the middle aged man who made a scene in the news. Even if that particular response was sarcastic, it makes a touch more sense to mention something along the lines of ‘talking it out’ instead. Since the point is an anti-monarchy rebel being very public about his negative opinions, the suggestion of violence is not only poor taste, it ignores the prince having the right, and agency to defend himself all around.

In talking, he could be asking these questions of everyone who cares to listen. So he should have let the assassin kill him? So he shouldn’t be a normal person, wanting to blow off steam with a friend after a crappy day at his educational institution? So he shouldn’t be safe anywhere in his own hometown because he’s the prince? Truly, words have power in this case. More than the honestly terrible joke of a choice that suggests beating a total stranger up, further damaging the family reputation with the citizenry–well done, prince meathead! :face_exhaling:

Anyway, that’s all I really wanted to talk about for this story route. :sweat_smile:

Sorry for the huge wall of text in aria’s segment. I’ve had a lot of time to really think about the little things that could be better later on. :face_with_peeking_eye:


ok thanks you.:slight_smile:

@rialta My bad. I thought you were asking about Aria and not Rhapsody. Rhapsody doesn’t yet have a Chapter 3.

Unfortunately, it’ll will be the opposite of that. They will be blamed for the invasion because of their looking into the future shenanigans.

As long as she is able to hear them.

I’ll look into this.

And this.

Thanks for the detailed post.