Reminiscence; Memories of Eternity [Updated 11th Sep 2022 Aria Chapter 3 Complete]

No problem! Rhapsody feels a tad left behind, though, which is why I wanted to comment about it first.

Wow! Rude! :persevere:
Asha isn’t even peeking in the name of irresponsibility, but rather making sure actually answering is worth it. Say yes to the first guy, and suddenly his whole kingdom is suffering/destroyed. Say yes to the second, and you stymie the existence of a potential hero who fights back against slavery, though seeing his parents one last time counts as a tiny bonus. But that’s if those visions of the future were even true; what’s the point of a following if you aren’t also making sure to protect the most other people who might suffer for a genuinely irresponsible choice? Extremely rude! :triumph:

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@LadyUmbreon89 Gods and their morals. Lmao! They will judge Darcei and Ashärielle. Especially Darcei because she was born human.


Speaking of:

Lucius: Promise me you’re not going to romance a goddess.

Prince: I promise.

Lucius: Even if you have a strange, doomed connection to her.

Prince: Even if I have a strange, doomed connection to her.

Lucius: Even if she’s “super hot.”

Prince: Even if she’s super hot.

(A day later)

Prince: So, I’m dating Ashärielle…

Lucius: (isn’t amused) But you promised…

Prince: She has blue hair!!!

Lucius: (smacks his forehead)


@almostinsane Lmao! That’s hilarious. Also, not just blue hair—infinitely long blue hair!


Prince: Infinitely long blue hair, Lucius!!!

Lucius: You’re going to doom yourself!

Prince: Worth it.


I can’t wait until I get to recreate this scene on the Goddess’s version! I’m definitely going to romance the prince first, it seems so fun


I agree.

Hold your horses. There’s one male RO I haven’t introduced yet. Just waiting for their art.


the princes version has plenty of scenes/chapters put i think Rhapsody: A Goddess’ Song version needs updating she only has 1 chapter as soon as she meets the prince the game ends.

also another thing p.s this is the princes version but what is Eternal Flame and have you not got around to installing that option or douse it need certain requirements in order to use it ? since the option was blank so i couldn’t touch it in order to pick it the other two work just not the Eternal Flame

Pronoun mismatch “Why? You don’t like her?” when Harver Magnus is male.

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@John_Hindley Eternal Flame isn’t available at the beginning. And yes, Rhapsody is behind Aria, but I’m working on Knights of Evallon.

Edit: Forgot to add that I’ll only be able to work on Reminiscence sporadically for now, until KOE is complete.

@stsword Thanks! It’s been fixed.


oh ok thanks for explanation.

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@John_Hindley No problem. I’ll probably work on fixing the complaints in RMOE before publishing the next chapters of Rhapsody though.


Hello! Hope you all are having a great 2023 so far. My writing has slowed down for personal reasons, but still working on them slowly.


Just take care of yourself buddy Don’t rush anything that you feel like you should rush on Is your story your rules


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