Relics 3: Ashes for Gold UPDATED 15th October, Final Update, see Post 741 for details

Also, sorry, I missed this. No, I haven’t specified which specific SS units are involved in the search for the Archives.


iconic strength of Mariamancers honestly. MCs collectively just going like:

AND PLEASE. Relics 3 shaped up to be better and better with every chapter and I KNOW and BELIEVE the ends will be devastating in the best of ways <3


Progress update: I’ve now reached the location of the Final Showdown! I might have a functional Endgame by the end of this week…


Do you mean tomorrow or next Sunday?

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Next Sunday. But I still won’t be updating, I need to write the epilogue too.



Okay, you’re all free to go :3c


Now the only question is who would win between chuck norris and spillane. :slight_smile:

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Seeing that Chuck Norris would have just been born in that timeline, it would be kind of one-sided, no?

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lol true baby chuck wouldn’t stand a chance, but i meant a battle where both are in their prime.

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I can’t wait for this game

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I don’t know if you’ve ever read Tin Star, but if you have, that’s an ideal way to set up your epilogue. End the story of the main character, wrap up what happened to them, and then reveal what happened to other characters and the larger world.


So I went and got ill and haven’t been able to work on it for a few days. So that whole ambition of having a finished functioning endgame by the end of the week is not happening now. Sorry for the wait!


Feel better soon!


Hope you get better!


Don’t worry about that. Rest as long you need


Self-care is always best care. Get better to become your best.


Feel better soon chief take care of yourself and get plenty of rest

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Btw, in case anyone follows me on Tumblr, it seems that Tumblr have terminated my account for no good reason (I didn’t post anything objectionable, I literally only ever used it to promote Relics!) I hope this is just an error, and I’ve contacted support about it, but if you notice that my blog has disappeared, that’s why.

It really is the most incompetently-run of all the social media platforms, and it’s not even close!


Rkrjfkfk CLOWNED hours :frowning:

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Ok but real talk I religiously refresh notifs and chats when I wake up and I know on good authority that 2-3 hours ago your blog was THERE and good so. something wonky happened sometimes after that :pensive:

ANYWAYS I am happy to note that your old stuff sitting in my inbox wasn’t deleted, but now just sporting a blank icon, but no “[name]-deactivated-[date]” which gives me v high hopes for it to be restored w/ 0 problems <3

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