Relics 3: Ashes for Gold UPDATED 15th October, Final Update, see Post 741 for details

Welcome to the WIP thread for Relics 3: Ashes for Gold.

The game is an action-packed archaeological adventure, inspired by Tomb Raider , Uncharted, The Mummy and (above all) Indiana Jones . It is the third and final entry in the Relics trilogy, and the sequel to my earlier games Relics of the Lost Age and Relics 2: The Crusader’s Tomb. While it can be played as a stand-alone, it is strongly recommended that you play the first two games first, to get the most out of the experience. Relics has now been released, and Relics 2 is currently submitted and in the Hosted Games publishing queue. If you played the original Relics and Relics 2 , feel free to dive in and continue your adventure! If you didn’t, you may prefer to wait for Relics 2 to come out and play it before trying this one.


It’s 1940, and the long-feared war has come to Europe. Intrepid archaeologist Dr. Spillane, a longstanding enemy of the Nazis, is in London, working against Germany on behalf of Britain’s intelligence services. But they soon learn that there’s a grave threat on the horizon. The Nazis have discovered a deadly secret, long-forgotten ancient technology that could make them unstoppable and undefeatable, and it’s up to our hero to stop them. The fate of the world depends on it.

From the ghost towns of the American West to the desert sands of Egypt, from the Peruvian Andes to the streets of Berlin, experience one final epic journey in the Relics universe. Do you have what it takes to frustrate the Nazis’ sinister schemes and, in the company of your beloved friends and allies, to save the world from great evil one more time?

The first demo includes three sections:

1. Prologue

  • Go to France and mess up the Nazis.
  • Meet an old acquaintance and learn about a deadly new threat.

2. Chapter 1: Showdown at Rattlesnake Gulch

  • Experience all the glamor of the Golden Age of Hollywood, before destroying it all with a motorbike.
  • Go to Nevada and do cowboy shit with Sam.
  • Cross swords with eccentric new villain Heidi Hahn.

3. Interlude 1

  • Go to a party and hang out with Cleo, Stevo, Rémy and María.
  • Potentially take the first step in making your established romance more “official”.

The game has been finished and the demo taken down.


Just in time for me to take a break from fixing my wagon train … I’ll read the demo and add commentary later. I’m tickled pink you are getting this out now :slight_smile:


ITS HERE AND JUST RIGHT AFTER I TAKE A BREAK >:3c blessed timing my beloved,



Yasss!! The third part!!! :heart::heart: I’m gonna read the demo, but first let me bookmark this


I’m happy it’s here just when I’m bored. Time to get back to reading


I presume you’re speaking metaphorically."
*set Skeptical %- 8

This is when talking to Finkelstein about the ghost. Seems like it should increase skepticism instead.


Oh yes, good spot! I will correct that, thanks!


Alright, time for my Spillane to go on another adventure and do anything except his job of teaching.

I just completed character creation till now, and I noticed one error:

I selected the option that Zhu died in Hong Kong, but again later I was asked if I helped Zhu’s friend in Venice. Idk if it’s a major thing, like I just selected “I didn’t help” and moved on, but it is a little weird to answer about helping him while he is dead.


Yeah, that should be grayed out. Thank you, I will fix it!


I really like the demo but don’t remember what to choose the decision from book 2 I don’t remember a whole lot of it cuz it’s been months since I play the demo for book 2 but anyway will you include D-day landing in the book 3?


It might get mentioned, but I don’t think Spillane will be present for it. They have other things to be doing.


Congrats man.


This is great, congratulations @Schliemannsghost


Can’t wait to read

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Ayyyy, something to look forward to when I get home. :+1:


This trilogy has been the fastest to come out among all COG and HG titles I read


Awesome so far!


Wow! I’m already hook and hype for the upcoming sequel too bad it’s the finale. :cry::cry::cry: But like everything else in this world everything must come to an end even a good book after all nothing truly last. You’re a very talented writer and author @Schliemannsghost. I’m looking forward and hoping to see more of your new projects your working on in the future. Just wanted to report some typo apparently you retype “that” twice. Here is the screenshot.


Thank you!


Well, wasn’t this a treat to wake up to on a Saturday morning! Excellent stuff, as usual. The Hollywood set shenanigans! The backstory of Spillane’s gun! The phone call with Zhu! The only other thing I could have wished for is if retrieving the Archive had caused a disturbance in the surrounding land…like, a perfect sort of disturbance to vengefully wreck that big oil plant. Just saying.

Minor bug: when answering the starting questions about the first two games, I said that Jorge Gainza was killed. However, when asked who won Sir Simon’s competition, the two selectable options were either Spillane, or Gainza. ‘Gainza won and his son claimed the prize’ was greyed out, but that should have been selectable.