Release date for the third installment


Does anyone know when the third installment is coming out


Patience… The author will update us when they’re ready.


Patience can be a good thing or bad thing. In this it is bad because with as much patience we have already shown, it will quickly turn in to annoyance…


Best bet is to discover other CoGs, whenever I find myself waiting long for the next installment I explore others to quench my thirst.

It is unwise to become annoyed at the author for taking long amounts of time to write a CoG. It must be written, coded, thoroughly checked and patched whenever needed. If the author rushes through it then it becomes a mess and disappoints fans. Not to mention their own lives and situations outside of writing.

Be open and respectful to the compromise. Discover other games while you wait, you never know what you might find :blush:


Thanks. I’ll do that.


Friendly reminder, it’s against the rules to ask for release dates.