How Far along is the story?


First let me say I am new to Choice of games. I started with Romance and loved it and thus got intrigue. My real passion is vampires though, so I am really curious about this game. I tried the one on this website, and enjoyed it but I was wondering if it goes further then that? The other games mention how it is a demo and a cliffhanger, but I did not see that with CoV.

Now before anyone thinks Im cheap or something, I have played Zombie exodus and loved it and bought the other parts to it. My reasoning for not just buying CoV is because I absolutely hate sudden cliffhangers, especially when there is no word on when the next part of something will be released. With Zombie Exodus it said part IV, the final part was coming this summer which made me comfortable buying it all and enjoying my way through it.

So does CoV end like the one one the page, or does it have more content and end at a more comfortable point? I really love the story, but if its just going to end like that Im going to go insane waiting for however long it takes for the next part of the story, and I am not masochistic enough to do that to myself :wink:


@VampLena Welcome to the forum, glad to see another CoG addict, and CoV the next one should come out soon from what I heard but the word ‘soon’ always varies from person to person, so im not sure how long you’d have to wait.



Thanks for your reply! Does that mean though CoV ends where it does on this website, as you get to Memphis?


@VampLena I believe so, but not 100% sure.


yeah end there @VampLena here another vampire lover i hope sometime you try a vampire cog there arent a lot of them . Welcome to forum!


Its good to see another vampire lover! Are there any other vampire cogs besides choice of vampires? I didnt see any other vampire things on this site… but I dont really know about cogs outside of choice games



There are other supernatural games, and one prominently includes vampires.

Unnatural: - vampires, weres, ghosts, gremlins, angels, fae and zombies. 5+ hours play time. WIP.

Afterlife: - ghosts, demons, psychics. 30 mins - 1+ hour play time. WIP.

Vampire 2 beta: if he’s still taking testers; doubt it.

Eight Thrones: demon/deity in a dark age setting. Dunno if it’s actively updated still. WIP

The Seven Winds - djinn, mages - 1+ hour play time. WIP. Not actively updated.

There are also several threads about a werewolf game split into chapters, but I don’t have it shortcutted on my phone, so I can’t link it.



I thought this was a really amazing vampire story, but it’s on another site.


@2Ton and @ADNox

Thanks for those links, I tried searching for choice games on other sites and didn’t have much luck. I am hoping Choice works on either expanding their Zombie and Vampire games, or put out more of them.


@VampLena if you want a zombie story, 2100 pages, highly replayable and will keep you busy.