Red Moon RPG - Rise and Conquer (WIP) - November 19th, 2018



random question…when cities our conquered by different factions will the map reflect that?


can we become a knight? I met the requirements and still couldn’t.


This is it for now I haven’t finished
-when do u choose when ur right or left handed?

-in the beginning (chose archer as previous army post) when you check inventory it only saids you have a 5kg sword…but your overall weight is 10 kg?? why?

-will our skills/ attribute increase as we do the skill…
ex. the brewing thing could increase by one each time you brew and mabye when you get to 30 brew and start brewing level 30 brewing items it will increase by 2 every time?

-when do you get the option to work at the inn?


If you archer as your post, you have armor and your bow and arrows to carry…


no i mean like in the intro your the archer commander…but once everything goes down and you have to start from scratch…day 1 all i had in my inventory was a 5kg sword, but it said I had 10kg weight.


A compiled version of the game should run significantly faster, if you’re not already using one.


Added both a wait for work feature and made the plant searching twice as easy, thanks a ton for the feedback!

Heh, I also had some papers to make but rather worked on getting the update out this weekend :sweat_smile:

Try asking Dawson what he is doing, that unlocks the option.

Hopefully so, but it might imply a LOT of work (since I have to make an image for every single combination). The game will probably be not that open-ended in this aspect.

Not yet, no, but thanks a bunch for playing up to level 5! The guilds are coming soon.

You have a 10% chance of being left-handed, and it’s decided randomly when you begin the game.

My bad, I made the player have the weapons both equipped and in their inventory (duplicates basically). Fixed now.

That actually happens, but the chance is 20%. I increased the chance now to 50% (will probably decrease later, when there’s more to do in the game).

You can compile your CS game now? The technology nowadays is insane :sweat_smile:
I should compile the game for future releases, thanks a ton for the tip!


I asked him what he is doing but it didnt show up

And it shows that I still have my job


I think the save is corrupted then; loading savegames after an update is problematic (as you can see, the Job location is empty, work hours as well and so on). A restart should do the trick (sorry :sweat_smile:).


Ahh~ thank you :blush:


Are there any jobs at the moment which pay daily instead of weekly? It can be a nice touch - some paying daily, some weekly.


I don’t think any of the jobs pay daily.


Alright, thanks.


No jobs that pay daily yet, indeed. I was thinking to add some that pay you for every hour worked, and you could work whenever you want, for how long you want, and get paid accordingly.


That sounds nice. I haven’t been able to sell my foraged plants anywhere, it seems the alchemist only buys potions? But for someone who is incapable of brewing the raw materials, they should be of some use, no? Also, I think you can’t sell the two books you own. Yet.

How much does the addition of each bait increase the success of catching fish? Tried with four, but ultimately failed. Like foraging, I feel like it’s too challenging. I only managed to catch a salmon, and with the income of selling said salmon bought the abovementioned 4 bait.

I feel like the alchemist at least should compensate you somewhat for brewing the potions?


Yes and yes, I didn’t make the plants sellable, and neither the books (which is something I will do when I get home tonight).

For the fishing, here’s how it’s done currently:
The probability of success will be a value from 0% to 90%:

  • 60%: fishing skill
  • 30%: amount of bait used (7%, 15%, 22%, 30%)

Probability of success is also influenced by the time:

  • Time between 22 and 7 => FAR fishing for max success chance
    (fishes are away from the shore at night and in the early morning)
  • Time between 7 and 15 => CLOSE fishing for max success chance
    (fishes are closer to the shore because of the water being shallower
    and therefore hotter mid-day)
  • Time between 15 and 22 => MODERATE fishing for max success chance
    (fishes are scattered, mostly at a medium distance from the shore)
    If the player doesn’t select the right range, the probability of
    success decreases by 30%.

I should write a book that details this at least, and perhaps make it a bit easier too (this explanation is only in the code currently).

To be done when I get home as well, I don’t know why I didn’t do that :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot for all the progressive feedback, it’s been really helpful! You’ve acquired your spot in the credits, least I can do :grin:


I’ll keep your fishing tips in mind. I agree that it should be in an obtainable book regarding fishing in general. I actually thought the range determined the type of fish you’d get.


I might add that the alchemist always assumes you forage for plants and brew the potions, which does take a significant amount of time. However, I did those things prior to accepting the quest, yet was told that I took too long of a time regardless. Maybe track how long it takes the player to complete this quest so that an unique piece of dialogue exists?


does anyone know how to work at the inn… I keep talk to guy but it won’t trigger?


Nice catch; it’s on the next update list, but I didn’t expect anyone to catch that so soon :sweat_smile:

Check your Job location in the stats screen; if that is empty, then the save is corrupted (working at the inn should work, I tested it myself). You might have to restart the game, same thing happened to @Nadin2011.