Red Moon RPG - Rise and Conquer (WIP) - November 19th, 2018

A war rages in the land of Tharsa, as the Avadians are besieged by the mysterious raiders, town by town. With only three towns left and a risky defense strategy set in motion, all could be lost, or all could be regained. The two other nations of Tharsa, the Lumminaris and the Trolox, refuse to take part in the war, due to political conflicts. In the meantime, an artifact was found. The Red Moon. Is it the source of all destruction, or a tool to end the war?

Red Moon RPG - Rise and Conquer is a medieval, low-fantasy sandbox-style RPG where you control a character in an open world with multiple villages, towns, forests and mountains to explore. You can hunt, fish, do main quests and sidequests, smith weapons and armor, travel to other locations, talk to characters, read books, work at jobs and more. All the while, the world is changing, and you can be part of those changes as well, influencing them, creating them or even stopping them from happening altogether.

So far, a short demo that shows a bit of the story and a bit of the freeroaming aspect is done, and large updates are coming hopefully every month. Note that the feature list below might be a bit short / out of date; best way to see what is in the game so far is to give it a go, and to keep an eye on the changelogs (for the new updates).

Features / What you can currently do in the game (might contain spoilers):
  • play through one of the intros;
  • interact and talk with multiple characters;
  • do some side-quests;
  • select your class;
  • go fishing (with a rod or a harpoon);
  • go hunting (multiple animal types and produce);
  • search for plants to brew potions with;
  • smelt ores into bars;
  • smith weapons and armor;
  • work at multiple different jobs;
  • obtain achievements;
  • sleep;
  • store your belongings in a chest;
  • date and time system (with actual leap years);
  • buy and sell items;
  • travel to other locations;
  • fatigue / thirst / hunger system;
  • prison (when in debt);
  • read books.
  • November 19th, 2018
    • Fishing is now a tad easier
    • New book regarding fishing tips and tricks on the bookshelf
    • You can sell plants at the alchemist (Nexa)
    • You can also sell books at Eth, the librarian
    • You can sell skins, claws and teeth at Jack, at the hunting lodge as well
    • You get a gold coin reward when doing the potion quest at Nexa
  • November 18th, 2018
    • Several new chapters and info added to the game manual;
    • You can now wait at any bonfire (for 1-12 hours);
    • You can measure the weight of your inventory items in the kitchen, at the scale;
    • If you play on the Easy / Normal difficulty, you can see the weights of your items in your stats as well;
    • If you go beyond (or earlier than) opening hours of buildings, you can now see when they will open;
    • 10 minutes before work starts, you get a reminder telling you to go to work, if you play on the easy or medium difficulties (you will not be reminded if work starts while you are sleeping / waiting!);
    • You now see in your stats screen when work starts, what are your days off, and where you work;
    • You can refill water pouches in the fort, or in the outskirts, at the water barrels;
    • You now earn 1.5x more XP on easy, 1x XP on medium, and 0.85x XP on hard;
    • A new cheatcode for XP was added, giving you more XP according to your level;
    • You can now go to prison for being in debt; the threshold for being apprehended is -1000 for easy, -500 for medium, and -10 for hard;
    • You only go to prison if you are seen in the outskirts or the fort of a village;
    • In prison, you have to wait for a few days, and every click on the “Next” button skips the time 2 hours ahead;
    • If you are in prison and monday passes, your taxes and income will not be calculated;
    • Once you exit the prison, your debt resets to 0;
    • You can now change your name at the Archives, for 5000 gold coins;
    • Added two new chapters for the melee fighting subclasses and the ranged fighting subclasses in the game manual;
    • Added seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter), according to the current month;
    • Added weather and made it randomly change each day, according to the current season;
    • Weather now influences fishing (fishing while it’s sunny, blizzard or stormy is harder);
    • The player can now choose their class at level 5, and every level afterwards (if they do not choose then);
    • Halved the gold cost of attributes and skills;
    • You now have a dominant hand, and there is a 10% chance to be left-handed; you fight better with weapons in your dominant hand;
    • A lot of code refactoring to make some bits shorter and non-duplicated;
    • You can now wield weapons and shields in your bedroom, and see them as well in the inventory (stats screen);
    • Relationships with people are now different, not on a scale from 0 to 100, but from a scale to 0 to 5: Unknown (not showing up in the stats screen), Hated, Disliked, Neutral, Friendly, Loved; note that they represent how the characters feel about you, not how your character feels about them;
    • Intro: you can now stay quiet when Gerard asks you for your name, and your gender;
    • Intro: Kara will now come and visit you the night before the siege of Yalta, and you can have a lengthy chat with her;
    • Intro: The commander type influences the combat attributes a bit more;
    • Intro: Several other refactorings and word switching;
    • Lowered the level-up XP threshold;
    • Fatigue, Hunger and Thirst system!
    • you now have a fatigue, hunger and thirst bar; all three increase over time, and you have to sleep or rest to decrease fatigue, drink liquids to decrease thirst, and eat to decrease hunger. You can drink or eat at home, in the kitchen, or at any bonfire; you can also drink water at water barrels in the village (where you can also refill your water pouches);
    • Fatigue increases by 0.05 for every minute (which means roughly +72 fatigue in 24 hours);
    • Thirst increases by 0.03 for every minute (which means roughly +43 thirst in 24 hours);
    • Hunger increases by 0.02 for every minute (which means roughly +28 hunger in 24 hours);
    • When any of the three bars hits 90, you can drink or eat something (for fatigue, you are just reminded to sleep), but only if you are on the Easy or Medium difficulty;
    • All of the three bars are disabled by default;
    • A few books were added to the shelf at home, that you can now read;
    • You can now travel to the Deadwood Forest, and to the Jaguar Mountain;
    • You can forage plants both at the Deadwood Forest and at the Jaguar Mountain;
    • You can hunt and chop trees at the Deadwood Forest;
    • Two new hunting sidequests added at the Hunting Lodge, at Jack!
    • One new brewing sidequest added, at the alchemist’s house!
    • The “Choose your class” bit is now done! when you hit level 5 it is automatically shown (if you complete all the sidequests currently in the game, you get to be exactly level 5);
  • October 25th, 2018
    • Added support for the saving system.
Next update(s):
  • the combat system!
  • books, that explain more of the world;
  • a new village, Laves;
  • dreams / lucid dreams (that might explain background history as well);
  • job promotions;
  • travelers;
  • events, holidays, celebrations;
  • more of the main quests.
  • job events while working.
The game's world map (image):

The link to the game: Red Moon RPG - Rise and Conquer.

For the sake of fun, I also reuploaded the old Red Moon I - Rise and Conquer. Be aware that it contains bugs, and it is no longer maintained or in development (also note that I removed the background music that the game used to have). It might help you get a feel for the direction Red Moon RPG is heading towards (but less buggy, I promise :sweat_smile:).

Current word count:

  • 89.100 with command lines;
  • 32.147 without command lines.

This game is heavily code-based, hence the large discrepancy between the word count with and without command lines. The ratio will improve with future updates, when more dialogue options, quests, books and general story elements will be introduced.

Also, thanks, CJW, for the lovely editor! That’s what I’m using for this game, and it is very useful for such projects (code management-wise, and not only).

If you have any questions/suggestions/feedback, write it down! Everything helps.


Reminds me of the Hero of Daria, but how exactly will this be neverending?
I’ve said it on the former’s thread as well, but, yeah… CS isn’t the best for the standard RPG theme you’ve got going. I’d play it regardless, but it’s thrice the work you’ll have to do when opposed to some other platform.


Welcome back @AlexCosarca! :slight_smile:


I’m thinking that that you will be able to play for as long as your character lives, or progress through their sons / daughters (as a new character). This could potentially be an option in the game options (character death, whether it occurs or not). Since the world continues to progress, you could do whatever you want, for as long as you’d want, and that basically is where the “neverending” is coming from. It’ll be similar to a “sandbox”, where you can do whatever you want for as long as you want to play.

And yes, CS isn’t the best indeed (arrays, dictionaries, string manipulation, maybe more natural loops would help a ton), but that’s precisely why I want to do it. It’s a fun challenge :grin:, albeit a very difficult and time-consuming one.


Thanks! Really missed this community, and ChoiceScript in general. I also need to learn how to reply to multiple posts in a single post :sweat_smile:


I see. I shall then hope it will not end up like the last RPG concept I’ve seen. Now, doubts aside…

Every level, you receive 5 learning points, which you can spend, along with some gold coins, at teachers (characters that can teach you something).

Nitpicking, but learning points and teachers sound a bit off. Maybe trainers instead of teachers and a replacement for the former as well?

If I might ask, is parrying basically like a dodge function? If so, it confused me, seeing as someone proficient in any of the arms, be it pikes or swords, would not be good at parrying.

Also, is it possible that you can add the function which lets us see how much an item weighs?

I really haven’t gone far in-game yet so I’ll add to my rambling as I progress.

Use quotes (select sentences and the option should appear), or @insertusername.

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I felt the same way, which is why I made attributes naturally increase as well (with a 20% chance) whenever you do a related action; successful fishing has a 20% chance of earning you a fishing point, for example (ratio which I might adjust if it is too low/high).
The reason why I kept the learning points though, was to let the player skill their attributes using their excess gold (in-game, increasing attributes at trainers is expensive), but without letting them abuse this mechanic (therefore, it is tied to the player’s level as well with learning points).
Also, trainers sound a bit better indeed.

I’m not quite sure yet on parrying, as it’s in development, but I think the melee fighter will be good at parrying, if he wears a shield and increases their parrying skill (by actually parrying in combat, or by training at a trainer). A wizard, or a ranged fighter, will have less of a chance of being hit since they’re not in the front lines of a battle, but this only applies IF that character is fighting alongside a melee fighter (which is basically the tank). However, the wizard or the ranged fighter aren’t as good at parrying as a melee fighter (if they fight alone, or without allied melee fighters, they will get hit more often). They also can’t wear heavy shields.

Great idea. Previously, there was a manual section that specified the weight of each item in a list, but that is both annoying and spoiler-ish (you can see what items exist). I might add a text input that lets you see the weight of a certain item you want, or maybe even see the weights of the items in your inventory as well.

Cheers :grinning:

And thanks a lot for the feedback!

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My character is a cavalry commander, yet he went and trained melee infantry.

The game notifies you of most things, but not stats. Is this on purpose?

Makes me wonder why Gerard’s word won over mine; are we not of same ranks? Yet the men complied without hesitation, disregarding my statement. This is a question, no complaint.

Can we gain insight as to what each difficulty changes?

I think disabling the reusage of conversation options (quite literally *hide_reuse) would serve better, but then again, preferences.

Crashed at smithing.

Also, my character is incapable of almost everything, just like me! I can relate to him.

He can also learn hunting from Jack despite having 25 gold, at the expense of turning into debt, which, naturally, he had no idea of.

I can’t actually check the time to guess when I should work.

And since I got into debt, well, couldn’t buy that ale, so… I’ll have to do without for now. I’ll wait for the next update for saving/loading, otherwise exploring every option is risky.

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More or less; in most situations I actually forgot to add the notifications. I will fix that in the next update.

I will address this question in the next update, with a bit more of the story; basically, it’s because the player is young, and Gerard has been a commander for a much longer time (very shortly put).

So far, the difficulty doesn’t change anything. It will change the combat difficulty, and a few skill rolls perhaps in the game.

I wanted to, but then again, if you’d skip some answer by mistake, you couldn’t see it again. It’s similar to RPGs where you can ask the same thing an infinite amount of times. It breaks realism, but may remove frustration from not being able to re-read important or relevant text.




Will add some information regarding that in the next update, good point.

Hopefully, the next update will be coming up next week, thanks a ton for the playthrough and insights! Half of the development time was done testing, but it definitely wasn’t enough :sweat_smile:

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As for further suggestions, instead of “come back later”, maybe we can see text which indicates when exactly the place is opening.

To be added next update, good idea.

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The time upon waking up is 8:22?

Sorry if this is too many replies at once. Perhaps playing on easy and medium can notify you of when job shifts are about to start, sometime prior. I’d also like to be able to wait near bonefires as well, if they have to be done at set locations.

Is there a way to tell what time it is in the game?

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There is not.

Then how do you know when to go to work?

You don’t, at the moment.


Oh man first day at work and I’m already absent😂

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You sleep somewhere randomly between 7 and 8 hours, I believe (answering from phone so can’t exactly check).
Good idea for the difficulty as well. And bonfire waiting, coming up in the next update. Please do reply as many times as you want, every single reply is valuable feedback :grin:

You can look at the current time in the stats screen, and you currently need to remember when you need to go to work. There is a 30m window in which you can get there and start working (say, if work starts at 7 am, you can go there from 6:45 to 7:15 to work).

Beware, two absences and you are banned :grin:

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