Red Moon RPG - Rise and Conquer (WIP) - November 19th, 2018

Thanks, checked now, sleeping takes between 7 and 9 hours (added to the current time before sleeping, time that is seen in the stats screen).

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I have not had the courtesy to not dig around the code, so there is that.

This was unexpected, like this was one of the first games I saw on the forum.

Anyway, yay rpg!


Quite a history indeed :grinning:

By all means, if you want to look through it, you’re more than welcome :grin:


Does the prologue gives us a starting class or we need to earn it ourselves?
Also how old will we be if we die from old age?

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Welcome back!

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The Prologue does not give a starting class, to make the game more user-customized; I plan to let the player pick a class when they hit level 5, and if the player wants to postpone the decision, they can pick again when they level up next.
As for the age, I’m not yet sure; probably 60-70, to make the game long enough (and it will most likely be optional).

Thanks! Good to be back :grin:

How do see the timeeee? i dont see it anywhere

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My bad, just fixed it. Apparently, the time showed up in the stats screen (right at the top) only if you skipped the intro… sorry :sweat_smile: it is fixed now.

Lol thank youuu…I felt so stupid searching for the time

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The prologue is kind of stupid like why would the soldiers instantly arrest you it does not make sense.


Glad to help!

I’m a bit on the fence about that too; I’ll think of improving the intro for the next update.

Could be so that the soldiers were aware of the plan as well, bribed or influenced.


Does the intro do anything in terms of stats?

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The type of commander you choose changes your combat stats accordingly, yes, but not quite enough I think. If you skip the intro, you will automatically be a bit proficient in melee fighting.

True but i don’t think the hole army would go along with it.

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I typed my questions as I read so I’m sorry if this gets long

The choice near beginning where there are 5 paths to choose from? are those to determine which faction your from or are we stuck with Avadian?

as we age things reputation, intelligence, and skill grow i assume, but once our character reaches their physical peak will their physical stats slowly decline ?

Will there be an option to just resist talking to Gerard when asking for us to change our name? honestly if I was in that situation I wouldn’t want to talk at all.

Will weather affect combat? (Ex. If is windy and rainy will only archers with high skill be able to hit their targets?)

Will you add a energy bar showing when our character needs sleep or food? Penalties for not sleeping or eating etc?

Will we be able to combine class abilities…like say I want to stay an archer…(ranged fighter) but then still wanna know a couple of healing spells…is that possible

When we ask people to teach us skills i see it has a plus 1 and 5 …thats mean once they teach us it going to add 1% to our skill? That’s it? seems kinda low?

The beginning of the adventure is kinda dry…idk if its because im not doing enough, but all i can do is work my one job ,sleep then repeat (i did the side quest and they were ok)

Minor thing: Weapon explanation: can you explain the difference between a royal greatshield and royal shield? Im guessing the great shield is just bigger then the regular shield? What is a bastard sword? Maybe you can add like general definitions to each weapon in the game manual?

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Heh, I am glad I have so much feedback honestly :grin: any feedback is good feedback.

There will be 4 different intros, yes, one for every faction, and the fifth, white door will probably lead to a player-customizable intro or maybe a randomly-generated one.

Not a bad idea, I will most likely implement that in a future update.

I could implement that, yeah, and now that I read this idea, I think I know just how :grinning: stay tuned for the next update.

Good idea as well, I only thought of weather influencing non-combat things such as fishing, but I will make it influence combat as well (where it makes sense).

Yes, planning to add the hunger, thirst and fatigue bars in the next update.

In my original thinking, not really, but it’s not a bad idea; I will revamp the combat system design with this aspect in mind for the next update.

It is low indeed, as the main way of increasing attributes is by practice (actually forging, smithing, fishing, brewing and so on). However, the bar is still a bit high, and considering the previous feedback on the learning point system, I will improve upon it for the next update.

You’re right on this, it’s the main reason I was reluctant in publishing the game so soon; I will add more story elements in the next update, to improve upon that.

Yes, indeed, good point; I will add some improved descriptions regarding weapons as well as some in-game books that describe things in more detail. Also, regarding shields, the standard shields are used for parrying, while the royal shields have a spiky design that allow pummeling (hitting your opponent with it). Greatshields are just bigger (and bulkier) versions.

All in all, thank you so much for taking the time to write this :grin:

Would it be be possible for you to add a hunting quest?

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Coming right up! Next update I actually wanted to do one (probably more). There are 3 fishing quests though currently :grin: