Red Moon RPG - Rise and Conquer (WIP) - November 19th, 2018



Indeed not, but I was rather thinking that the whole army doesn’t know (only a handful of soldiers saw the whole final scene, and then the player was taken away somewhere else). I will explain that further in the intro next update.


Of course not, that’s why you’d only choose a set number and make sure they’re skilled enough to survive through the battle and loyal enough to follow through the task, whilst also accompanying you either secretly or as fake bodyguards.


But still if you have enough loyal troops who support you then there could easily be a civil war in the army since no good soldier would let there commander be taken.


If we cant mix weapon types does that mean I cant use bows (or any ranged weapon) when I want to become a wizard? And could you please explain the different kinds of magics further? And if we choose one type of magic (i.e. Sorcerer) is that set in stone?


They don’t have to be loyal to you. Plenty of people are loyal to gold. Doesn’t have to be permanent loyalty, just a one time job of “blind your eye while I take care of my business”.


If you’re a wizard, you can use some melee and ranged weapons, but with reduced efficiency. A wizard can use crossbows, shortbows, axes, shields and shortswords (except for the tungsten ones, which are the strongest). If you choose one type of magic, such as a Sorcerer, you can only use the Sorcerer spells until you become so experienced in magic that you reach at least 80 in all the 6 magic types (white, black, fire, water, air, earth). When you reach that level, you become a Mage, because you reach a point of revelation where the magic just clicks. A mage can use any spells from any wizard subclasses (the spells from Sorcerer, the spells from Cleric etc). A mage can also make their own spells (with some balancing, such as the mana cost automatically calculated according to the spell’s strength). That’s the magic system in a nutshell :relaxed:. I will also let the melee and ranged fighters use some spells, but I need to redesign that part.

This conversation helps me shape the intro to a great degree, thank you for your input :grin:


Will we be able to learn spells from all branches before we reach level 80? And I mean if I learn Sorcerer now will I be able to learn Summoner spells when I find the teacher? Or do I have to wait for level 80?

P.s. Being able to create our own spells sounds sooo badass! Does that mean we could mix two branches of magic to create a spell? (Like a fire storm by mixing Fire/Air?) :grin:


You’re going to have to wait until you hit 80 in the magic attributes (not level 80, as that would be quite long, but rather the attribute value 80 in all 6 magic types). I might lower the bar to having a lower value, or perhaps 80 in only 3-4 of the magic types, as now that I think about it more, it sounds like it might still take a fair amount of time.

Yes, basically you can create a spell in any way you desire, giving it any name you want, and any description you want. If you wanna summon a wyvern that attacks your allies as well as your enemies, by breathing fire (dealing fire damage), you can make that happen!
This is how you can customize your spell:

  • Offensive / defensive spell characteristics:
    • Targeting: allied single-target, allied multi-target, enemy single-target, enemy multi-target, self-targeted
    • Can apply multiple effects to the target (any combination of those);
    • Can deal physical, earth, fire, water or air damage (or any combination of those);
  • Summoning spell characteristics:
    • Targeting: untargeted
    • Summons a creature that is named and described by the player
    • The creature can deal physical, earth, fire, water or air damage (or any combination of those);
    • The creature can randomly attack: allies, enemies, the player, or any combination of those;

And the effects a spell can apply… well, here they are:

  • Petrified: no action can be done, the turn is skipped completely
  • Frozen: same as petrified, but receiving water damage while frozen
  • Regenerating: health regenerates every turn based on a certain percentage
  • Blurry: any attack against this target has a higher chance of missing
  • Reflective: any attack against this target is redirected to a random different target (both allied or enemy)
  • Trapped: the target can only cast spells on himself or drink potions
  • Earth Damage: the target deals bonus earth damage
  • Earth Resistance: the target receives less damage from earth attacks
  • Earth Immunity: the target is immune to earth damage
  • Air Damage: the target deals bonus air damage
  • Air Resistance: the target receives less damage from air attacks
  • Air Immunity: the target is immune to air damage
  • Fire Damage: the target deals bonus fire damage
  • Fire Resistance: the target receives less damage from fire attacks
  • Fire Immunity: the target is immune to fire damage
  • Water Damage: the target deals bonus water damage
  • Water Resistance: the target receives less damage from water attacks
  • Water Immunity: the target is immune to water damage
  • Ethereal: the target is immune to physical damage and can not attack or drink potions, but receives increased damage from elemental damage (earth, air, fire, water). The target can cast spells.
  • Dizzy: any attack made by this target has a higher chance of missing
  • Cursed: has a lowered armor (becoming more vulnerable)

Basically, your imagination is the limit :relaxed:


Thanks for answering my question and I just read that every class has a elemental spell… oops :sweat_smile:. Will we be able to become a Conjurer early in the on, or is it more of a mid level class? And will the summoned creatures always deal minor damage? Or will they become stronger as we become stronger?


Ohhh okay thanks for taking the time to read my questions!..and I can’t wait for the update!!

P.S: if u havent read The War for the West W.I.P you should give it a look. It is a very good W.I.P that has similar concept as your game, although it is a little more linear and less detailed then your game probably will be, but you could still get ideas from.


All of the classes can be found early on (with the future updates, of course), the Conjurer included, and the only class that might be a bit obscure to find is the Necromancer, since you won’t find any teachers in towns for it (or will you? :grin:). The spells will get stronger according to the associated magic attribute, yes, so the creatures will get stronger as you become a stronger wizard.

I feel like the magic aspect of the game overshadows the melee / ranged fighting a bit :sweat_smile: I’ll have to make the other two combat classes more interesting.

Thanks! I’m going to have a look at that and at multiple other WIPs in the days that come, there’s a lot of catching up to do in the community; looks like it exploded with ideas since I was last here a few years ago :grin:


Oh yeah, if you want ideas on how to structure/what else to add in an RPG „Hero of Daria“ by @Lucid might be helpful. Its closed but the features where pretty much complete IIRC


How about for Ranged class you add skills based on magic, like fire arrows.


Well I’m diffently hooked. I love the style your playing your character but it feels so detached in a good way. Looking forward to the rest of the story bud.


Good idea.

Thanks! If all goes well, there’ll be a new update in the next weeks.


Add a cheatcode for XP and a save system. I like the game BTW.


Well maybe the cheatcode should be to increase the amount of XP we got from doing quest or something like that,


Will do, thanks!

I could do that as well, but I think I should integrate this idea with the difficulty level, might be more fitting.


Yeah, I guess that would be better. Grinding will always be one of RPG’s charm.


When do you think the next update will be?