Red Moon RPG - Rise and Conquer (WIP) - November 19th, 2018



Either this week or the next one.


Very ambitious, i like it


@AlexCosarca ALEX WELCOME BACK :hugs: is me Mara. I am grateful for all help you give me back then and glad you are back.


Glad to hear that!

Heyyy, it’s been a while :hugs: good to see you’re still around, I noticed that your previous account was dead so I thought you vanished like I did :sweat_smile:


No just a hacker stolen my accounts facebook etc years ago so I did another one. But really happy see you again.



I am not a writer just a reader but I have some ideas. You can add my ideas or not. I will not be offended.

  • Add more characters with we could interact and become friends and maybe romance options
  • Add building option again so we can build workshops and work in them.
  • Also we could build our own house and upgrade it to castle.
  • Add option to become ruler of the village
  • Add option to create army or mercenary squad and hire soldiers
  • Add more tipe of ships and add option for us to build them. For example trading ships and battle warships. With warships we could have strong fleet and become strong naval force or maybe we could become pirates.
  • Tournaments: jousting, sword duels, archery etc.
  • Add option to plunder vilages or conquer them
  • Faster gaining EXP points

This is just my opinions.


Really happy to see you too :grin:

Wow, you’d be surprised how much your feature ideas resemble the upcoming features that I will implement :smile: Every single one of those features is upcoming, except perhaps turning your house into a castle (I was thinking it might be odd making your own castle in a village). Anyways, I plan to make the option of building your own village available as well, so a castle isn’t far off :grin: All in all, brilliant ideas!


I want more stealing and charming people to give me money… Maybe being a bard the spy type.


There is going to be a whole guild dedicated to that, the thieves guild. Also, pickpocketing is currently on the upcoming feature list.


Like do you imagine Mara working legally lol like a peasant. Except Being sexy and flirt in the inn is called Working now :wink:


Question about necromancer class for the ability Raise of the dead, creating undead servants. Does the undead function the same as a summon creature (Attacking enemies and allies) and does the undead stay in the world or are they only last for a certain amount of time? One more question If the player decide to play as a necromancer and create a horde of undead would there be a stat that shows how many undead the player has summon? (Also I love your idea of undead very unique ).


OH, there’ll be plenty of illegal ways to work hopefully :sweat_smile:

The spells will only create undead for a short amount of time, meaning only for the duration of combat. However, some spells will be used in other contexts as well rather than combat, this might be one of them.

Once I add armies, most likely there will, yes.

Thanks :smile:


Welcome back @AlexCosarca!
Also :

It is said that the tent is like every other one, yet there are two armored guards at the entrance. We shouldn’t assume that it is the same for every other tent, right? I find it a bit confusing.


In the future, are there going to be classes other than Melee, ranged and calvalry?


ouuuu like maybe specialized sub-classes?


I am pretty sure the actual tent, its height, width, general appearance is the same.


Good to be back!

Precisely. Now, two armored guards might be a dead giveaway, but for the army, that tent could just have military supplies and that’s why it’s guarded. I might elaborate on this more next update.

Yes, so far the Wizard class has 6 subclasses (Enchanter, Cleric, Sorcerer, Conjurer, Necromancer and Mage), but the other classes will most likely have subclasses as well (something to do with the weapon types, I am thinking).


Yeah and like the weapon types can be used in conjunction with our characters stats to determine how effective each weapon will be in our hands.


Exactly. Also, there will be some weapons you couldn’t wield at all, given the wrong stats. The longbow for example, can only be used by trained (and strong) archers, while a crossbow can be used by anyone that is briefly shown how it works.


Question if are character has speed and high archery rating …will her be to utilize a short bow in medium and close ranged fights effectively…Kind of like the elf in the Lord of Rings (i hope you get that reference)