Red Moon RPG - Rise and Conquer (WIP) - November 19th, 2018



It currents said barracks,Yalta …I may just have to start over like u said
Sidenote the days passed isn’t changing either


Fixed the days passed issue.
Quick (and tiny) update, hopefully did not break any saves:

  • Fishing is now a tad easier
  • New book regarding fishing tips and tricks on the bookshelf
  • You can sell plants at the alchemist (Nexa)
  • You can also sell books at Eth, the librarian
  • You can sell skins, claws and teeth at Jack, at the hunting lodge as well
  • You get a gold coin reward when doing the potion quest at Nexa

Have fun! :smiley:


@AlexCosarca After has spent two damn hours of my life coding 9 weapons with 8 materials possible , 8 energy colors and 8 possible elementary damage for each and calculating possible damage in base pc skills both magic and warrior.

I have even more respect about the giant working you are doing. So you should be damn proud of your work. I swear I will cry If I have to coding more silver magical rifles with elemental powers…



souunds terrible but awesome at the same time


in the original moon RPG is there a combat system?


There is a link to it in the first post if you want to check…


Oh damn, sounds like a lot of combinations :sweat_smile: Thanks, and good luck to you further on! :grin:

Yes, there is, but it is not the most balanced one (it’s a bit too hard to do damage or receive damage, if I remember correctly). There’s no magic in it as well I think.


The prologue it just kills it for me it really does.


The actual prologue with the door selection, or the intro with the military siege? Also, do you mean it’s badly written, too different than the rest of the game maybe, or?


Regarding those doors, can you tell us the background and starting job planned for each of them?


The doors are color-coded according to the faction you start in (similar to the map). The second, brown door makes you a Raider; the third, teal door starts you off as a Lumminarian, and the fourth door represents the Troloxians. I’m not entirely sure how you will start out in those factions yet however. The fifth, white door will probably randomize between these five, or maybe randomize between all of the towns in the game, starting you off straight away (that door hasn’t been thought out yet). The Lumminarian intro will most likely be political as well, I have a few ideas in that direction.

Sidenote: The sculptures on the sides of the doors represent what the faction does and is based upon.


The intro being captured Gerard it just seems so stupid how easy it was.


This game has a lot of promise. I like the setup, especially all the options you have in each village. I wonder if your going to make it never ending…perhaps you could have a retire or settle down option? Just in case the player wanted to start over with a new character. It would give the older character an exit. Maybe state what happens based on your performance in the game?

Anyways, I really like it.


So it is said to be.


Fair point, it is a bit sudden, but the main motivation is that you killed the marshal (regardless of actually killing him or not, the soldiers did not see that), and an army commander (having been one for much more than you) accused you of that. I’ll think of something to counter that in the future updates.

Really glad you enjoyed it! Yes, that was something I thought about, retiring, similar to Mount and Blade which is technically never-ending as well, but you can “retire” in a similar fashion to your description. Also, living through your offspring might be an entertaining idea (albeit a bit more difficult to implement). Thanks again for your interest :grin:


Isn’t MC a commander too?


Indeed he is, but he is younger. The way I first pictured it was: the MC is in his 20s (being a commander for mere weeks), Gerard is in his 40s (and a commander for many years). Now, what would a common soldier do (assuming he was not bribed), upon entering the house, seeing the marshal dead, and the MC being accused by the elder commander (and maybe even dueling with Gerard)?

If it requires this much explaining, it’s not well written I’d say :sweat_smile: I may make a path where the marshal lives, as the intro is I think a bit too linear as well.


Mount & Blade’s “ending” was exactly the type of mechanic of I was thinking of. Awesome.

p.s. Looking forward to Banner Lord. (M&B 2)


If only it came out already :pensive:


laughs in butter.
It won’t, not this year, at least.