Red Moon RPG - Rise and Conquer (WIP) - November 19th, 2018



Sometimes I select ‘bronze bolts’ and there is an “Insufficient ammo” error message that pops up. But other than that, good game, although it could do with more varieties of random events happening to break up the general monotony of collecting plants, logs and hunting (ie, a 1 in 10 chance of getting a rare animal while hunting)


broo how does it end?? I played it and I got to the point where I could conquer other territories fairly easily, but after a while the process felt to repetitive and I just got disinterested.


It doesn’t ‘end’. It’s sandbox, never-ending. There’s the option to retire whenever you want, which most players do after they’ve conquered all of Calradia.


hmmm. kinda lackluster…


Will look into the ammo issue. Also, good idea. Added to the upcoming feature list :grin:


A few things: the charge towards the gates in the prologue is confusing, because the gates are closed but then you’re among buildings. Does the wall not encircle the whole settlement? Then you get attacked by two horsemen, and the guy you were with is suddenly not there if you choose to fight. Like, why’d he vanish so fast? I decided to fight on the basis that he was with me, and an excellent fighter. I could understand if it was a thick melee but it just sounds like there’s the four of you there.

Attacking Gerard doesn’t work because he parries…but he just sheathed his sword, and mine was drawn already.

Making potions doesn’t subtract from your empty vials.

Hunting with iron crossbow bolts threw me an error as soon as I selected them.

Skinning and similar activities don’t work if you’re wielding the knife you want to use.

Showing up for work is annoying currently. Get there early, can’t work, wait at bonfire for an hour, late for work.

Why is a bastard sword weaker than a longsword, when a bastard sword is longer and heavier?

By the way, I was probably playing on DashingDon here, so of course some of these may be fixed already if that’s an older build.


There is an option to wait for work at home.


There is an error if I want to choose a class for later…

yalta_fort line 32: Invalid set instruction, no expression specified: mq_meeting_the_ruler_started


The wall does encircle the whole settlement indeed. However, the siege part isn’t explained fairly well. It’s currently under heavy rewriting, and I hope I’ll explain what happens better in the next update.




Indeed, there is an option to wait for work at home, but it’s mainly annoying because there are few things you can do at the moment. With more updates to come (and more things to do), it’ll be less annoying (and also, with the introduction of pay-per-hour jobs).

I initially thought that a bastard sword is between a shortsword and a longsword at length and weight, so that’s why I placed it in-between. Fixed that discrepancy now :grin:

That’s the final build, so they were actual issues :sweat_smile: Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Fixed, thanks for spotting that!


Hi, I would like to know if by not having any class, we could use all the weapons and magics of medium level. But do not opt ​​for any bonus that you get when choosing a class?
The smithy skill is it possible to mix it with magic and have magical weapons?
Do magicians have family members and can we have pets?
Can we have a family later in the game or a harem? :heart_eyes:
The magician can create immortality magic and this spell can be used in others?
The spells that we believe as magicians will be like in Naruto where two or more elements combined create a new element
MC: magic of lava! (Earth + fire = lava) Shit I destroyed the village … magic of water … I’ll call this place pompella😅
If you were asked these things before I apologize :blush: but as I did not find it in the comments I wanted to get rid of doubts


But then when I want to choose a class for later: :sweat_smile:

You lost 100 health; you died! Be more careful for your next playthrough!

Is there a way to resume playing and saving your progress, after you choose a class or save the class for later?


What having a class basically does is enhance your abilities in a certain area. It doesn’t limit you any further than having no class at all. At the moment, there are no imposed limits however (and it will stay that way for a few more updates) mainly because the MC can’t do a lot of things yet.

Good idea indeed, added to the potential feature list :smile:

Family, definitely planned to be added. Pets, good idea. I didn’t consider a harem though :sweat_smile:

More or less, there will be an entire backstory on immortality through magic, tied in with necromancy as well.

It will be more straightforward than that; the MC gets to choose exactly what the spell does, who it affects (allies, self, enemies, everyone), if it summons creatures, what creatures it summons, etc.

No worries :grin: Ask anything anytime, regardless if it was asked before or not, and I will answer. Any question helps!

I guess that’s the cost of reaching level 5, the MC just can’t handle it :sweat_smile: It’s really odd, I’ll fix that bug soon.

EDIT: I rewrote the first post, hopefully it should be more intriguing now :smiley:


Are you going to implement party? Maybe different carracters could be our companions, advise us and fight with us.

Maybe there should be implemented option for mc ro build castle with fortification, manage stuff, build a harem, create an army and pay to soldiers to fight for him, hire guards, have servants and villagers who will work on fields and peoduce food, buy mines etc.

Noble families, knight tournaments, marring sons and daughters with other lords to raise political, military and financial power etc.

Those are just some ideas which you can listen or not. I just want to help you to make better game.


What does the tickets do cuz I out they cheat tickets in and I don’t see a difference


I’m level 9 and when I go to the paladin to join he doesn’t let me


Did you meet all the requirements?


Upcoming soon in this version, I believe it was implemented as well in the older Red Moon.

Building definitely upcoming, I sketched out various buildings which will have various rooms, the house will be upgradable as well. Building a village/castle and hiring people is on the list as well, but further down (a lot of things to be done before that) :smiley: .

Duly noted.

Thanks for the ideas! :smile:

You must take the tickets to the Storage building, in the fort, and redeem them there.

That path is not implemented yet (didn’t even realize you could be over level 5 in the game, nice!). So far, when you reach level 5, the content ends, but you can still make potions, hunt and do those kinds of repetitive activities.

I’m currently working on the combat, between exams, life and whatnot. It’s shaping up to be good so far, and there are plenty other things done already; stay tuned for that :smile: I’d rather make big batches of rare updates, rather than many tiny updates.


I actually forgot about this WIP ._. Can’t wait to read the new updates :stuck_out_tongue:


@DontJudge i did and he kept saying blah blah blah come train harder


@AlexCosarca i grinded for like an hour