Red Moon RPG - Rise and Conquer (WIP) - November 19th, 2018


Looking forward for update to see where this will go. Good luck and do not hurry

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Havent read this, but I like the name of your WIP and war and political WIPs are my favorites. So Im asking. Is it possible to go Hitler mode?

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What do you mean with hitler…mode?




I am both impressed and grateful :sweat_smile: Next updates will cut on the grinding aspect, promise!

Thank you!

Thanks! Conquering will be possible in future updates, yes. Regarding politics, they are a big part of the story I have been drafting out for a month now, I can’t wait to finally write it down in the game :grin:

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What are plans for next update of the game? I mean what new things will be possible.


At the moment I’m working on the combat, remaking the intro, and adding a new village. There will be other fixes and additions, but these will be the main points. Combat will be really comprehensive, allowing multiple allies and enemies, each with their own attributes, items, weapons, potions and spells. There will also be a rudimentary AI, based on the player’s game difficulty (easy/medium/hard).


I loved yor game, congrats. I also have some questions:

Wheres the ruler? Hes never there (much like in real life). And how long to make the game progress to a point where wecan roam free kicking ass?

(Sorry for my bad english)

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The learning point system is inspired by the Gothic RPG-series, right? ^^


What you are working on now?


When we will get new cities and combat system?


Possible stupid question: How do I wield the longbow? I have the bow and 12 arrows in my inventory but I can’t figure out how to equip them. I’ve tried the options for wielding two handed primary/secondary, wielding right handed primary/secondary, wielding left handed primary/secondary. Nothing works.


I hope you did not abandon this project.

Will you implement ships and ability to be the commander of a fleet?