Red Moon RPG - Rise and Conquer (WIP) - November 19th, 2018



That’s odd, the conversations aren’t in a different scene; but perhaps that’s the main issue, since all of them are currently conglomerated into a single scene (the biggest one so far, 3.7k lines). I split that now into two different scenes (the outskirts and the fort). Jumping from *goto to *label probably also shows the loading screen, and in that case, splitting the file should help.


Question: how come I can’t hunt without a crossbow, but chop down trees without an axe?

Are my characters’ arms of equivalent strength someone in Minecraft would have?


Congratulations, you found a loophole


Heh :sweat_smile: The check was there but it didn’t work out right, it’s fixed now.


Loophole deleted, Abort! Abort!


The best loophole I found while testing the update was when wielding weapons; equipping something was doubling the quantity :grin: needless to say, it’s fixed now as well.


Also, why is there no food to be had in the inn? Or a room to rent? Seems strange that the guy only sells ale.


Good question, I’ll talk with the innkeeper for the next update to expand his services :smile:


Additionally, I have to talk to the guards everytime to be able to move somewhere else. Even when I’ve talked to them once, I have to do it again.


how do you obtain the cheat codes


Strange, it works for me both online and locally, on my own code. It probably was because of all the tiny updates I added, which maybe reset the variable values?

In the stats screen > Manual, the last category. Then you introduce them in your bedroom, and you get storage tickets. You can redeem those in the fort, at the Storage.




I see. Imo work-explore balance is somewhat disrupted. You see, when I go to work, my character is exhausted (I know I can turn that off by the way), so naturally I sleep. I wake up at around 3-2 PM and then travelling to other places such as the forests or the mountains takes up to 3 or 4 hours. I suggest placing a set time, not a random one. Often, just by travelling to said places and returning without performing any activities there still makes me miss on work.


Good point. I initially intended for working and exploring to be two separate activities; exploring would be an activity left either for the weekends (when there are days off), or for when not working (potentially, one could do quests, fish and hunt to sustain themselves, without working at all). I’ll consider this for the next update though, the rent vs the potential income is a bit too high currently as well, and it’s just not that fun. Will remove the random bit as well (next update will have horses that decrease travel time too, and perhaps even ships).


Also, since this is in its early works, not much our characters can do besides wait for work mainly, so can you add a wait for work choice? Right now, me manually waiting results in over, or very often underewaiting by thirty minutes or so. To cover that 30 minutes, I have to use up 15 options (since one usually advances time by 2).

Damn, searching for plants 6 hours straight and empty-handed. Can you make it easier?


jesus mate you’ve been working !

now i must decide whether to do this 8 page paper or check out this massive update…

Ill be back with feedback in a hour


It’s already clear which one is more important, isn’t it? :joy:


I cant work at the barracks anymore. The option to choose it is gone, is that because I still use my old save file? Because the other updates work.


Did you get fired?


No, there isnt even the choice to get the job