Red Moon RPG - Rise and Conquer (WIP) - November 19th, 2018



Should be “brown-ish” and “…child wearing a war helmet”


Should be “… a vast cluster of tents surrounded you”


I couldnt do any thing in this game i had no clue where i go to start cause the library had no books i could never tell the time so i always missed work at the inn and i had no clue how to help people


It didnt let me choose


It will, since it defines where the player starts on the map, in which faction, and what he is and knows. As @Felix_Ronan put it, others might imply you are a wizard, or a politician even.

Much appreciated! Any help is more than welcome, as it indeed will take quite a large amount of time.

Indeed working or cheating are the main ways currently. Upcoming will be hunting, and other activities like it that don’t require a job.

Points taken, will improve for next update :grinning:

Coming in the next update are workplace time reminders that make life easier, and also, if you wanna see the time, it should be in the stats screen now.

Yes, since the others are not done yet. They will be though in future updates :grin:


Is this on Hiatus?


No, it’s still going on. Have patience my friend :grin:


November 18th, 2018 UPDATE!

Three new sidequests added, hunting, class and subclass revamping, choosing a class when hitting level 5, wielding weapons, having a dominant hand, going to prison, seasons, weather, new intro bits added, fatigue, hunger and thirst systems added (by default they are off), foraging plants, cutting trees, and two books (these being the main features that were added).

Everything was tested so hopefully there are no bugs, but please let me know if you encounter any and I’ll fix them ASAP. Thank you all for your patience! :sweat_smile:

Coming up next, hopefully, the combat system!

Complete Changelog:

  • Several new chapters and info added to the game manual;
  • You can now wait at any bonfire (for 1-12 hours);
  • You can measure the weight of your inventory items in the kitchen, at the scale;
  • If you play on the Easy / Normal difficulty, you can see the weights of your items in your stats as well;
  • If you go beyond (or earlier than) opening hours of buildings, you can now see when they will open;
  • 10 minutes before work starts, you get a reminder telling you to go to work, if you play on the easy or medium difficulties (you will not be reminded if work starts while you are sleeping / waiting!);
  • You now see in your stats screen when work starts, what are your days off, and where you work;
  • You can refill water pouches in the fort, or in the outskirts, at the water barrels;
  • You now earn 1.5x more XP on easy, 1x XP on medium, and 0.85x XP on hard;
  • A new cheatcode for XP was added, giving you more XP according to your level;
  • You can now go to prison for being in debt; the threshold for being apprehended is -1000 for easy, -500 for medium, and -10 for hard;
  • You only go to prison if you are seen in the outskirts or the fort of a village;
  • In prison, you have to wait for a few days, and every click on the “Next” button skips the time 2 hours ahead;
  • If you are in prison and monday passes, your taxes and income will not be calculated;
  • Once you exit the prison, your debt resets to 0;
  • You can now change your name at the Archives, for 5000 gold coins;
  • Added two new chapters for the melee fighting subclasses and the ranged fighting subclasses in the game manual;
  • Added seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter), according to the current month;
  • Added weather and made it randomly change each day, according to the current season;
  • Weather now influences fishing (fishing while it’s sunny, blizzard or stormy is harder);
  • The player can now choose their class at level 5, and every level afterwards (if they do not choose then);
  • Halved the gold cost of attributes and skills;
  • You now have a dominant hand, and there is a 10% chance to be left-handed; you fight better with weapons in your dominant hand;
  • A lot of code refactoring to make some bits shorter and non-duplicated;
  • You can now wield weapons and shields in your bedroom, and see them as well in the inventory (stats screen);
  • Relationships with people are now different, not on a scale from 0 to 100, but from a scale to 0 to 5: Unknown (not showing up in the stats screen), Hated, Disliked, Neutral, Friendly, Loved; note that they represent how the characters feel about you, not how your character feels about them;
  • Intro: you can now stay quiet when Gerard asks you for your name, and your gender;
  • Intro: Kara will now come and visit you the night before the siege of Yalta, and you can have a lengthy chat with her;
  • Intro: The commander type influences the combat attributes a bit more;
  • Intro: Several other refactorings and word switching;
  • Lowered the level-up XP threshold;
  • Fatigue, Hunger and Thirst system!
  • you now have a fatigue, hunger and thirst bar; all three increase over time, and you have to sleep or rest to decrease fatigue, drink liquids to decrease thirst, and eat to decrease hunger. You can drink or eat at home, in the kitchen, or at any bonfire; you can also drink water at water barrels in the village (where you can also refill your water pouches);
  • Fatigue increases by 0.05 for every minute (which means roughly +72 fatigue in 24 hours);
  • Thirst increases by 0.03 for every minute (which means roughly +43 thirst in 24 hours);
  • Hunger increases by 0.02 for every minute (which means roughly +28 hunger in 24 hours);
  • When any of the three bars hits 90, you can drink or eat something (for fatigue, you are just reminded to sleep), but only if you are on the Easy or Medium difficulty;
  • All of the three bars are disabled by default;
  • A few books were added to the shelf at home, that you can now read;
  • You can now travel to the Deadwood Forest, and to the Jaguar Mountain;
  • You can forage plants both at the Deadwood Forest and at the Jaguar Mountain;
  • You can hunt and chop trees at the Deadwood Forest;
  • Two new hunting sidequests added at the Hunting Lodge, at Jack!
  • One new brewing sidequest added, at the alchemist’s house!
  • The “Choose your class” bit is now done! when you hit level 5 it is automatically shown (if you complete all the sidequests currently in the game, you get to be exactly level 5);


This one popped up when I’m trying to check my weapon in the bedroom, skipped the prologue btw


aw yes, the bountiful update is here.





same thing happened to me




how to get trained by a necromancer?


At the moment there is no necromancer trainer in the game; you can’t yet obtain any subclass. In the future the necromancer master will probably be in the Deadwood Forest (once I add the “explore” feature there).


when you save a file and the game updates does it get deleted?


I think it does. More precisely, the slot still says the save is present, but it doesn’t start you off from where you saved, more likely at the beginning.

Tbh, my main concern for this game is the content - there’s too much stacked in the scenes, and as a result they become so large that loading from scene-to-scene takes a considerable amount of time. Longest I’ve seen was around 4-5 seconds, but if these files continue to be updated on a consistent level, it might be too much to bear for CS. I don’t know how the loading times can be minimized significantly - perhaps stretch the content over a number of scenes as not to result with a huge one.


That, or having the game locally downloaded (such as having an app of it) helps a lot indeed. I will split some of the larger scenes into multiple ones for the next update, as the number of scenes the game has doesn’t seem to impact performance, good point. I have tried doing that for this version, since in the previous one, the Red Moon I some scenes had tens of thousands of lines of code; a big no-no.


The main issue is that it doesn’t really only happen when moving to other major locations and such. It often occurs when simply engaging characters in conversations as well, added with the fact that then you also have to use the leave button to get to other activities. There’s probably lots of code for those conversations as well, haven’t looked into it myself, but at the moment since the players can only access only a limited number of options when talking with NPCs, they might be confused as to why it takes 5 seconds to load a file in which only 5 choices exist.