Red Moon RPG - Rise and Conquer (WIP) - November 19th, 2018



Some bits of it are already done :grin:

I have thought of having quests that involve going around the map, but the immortality item is a really good idea actually; a lot more immersive than, say, a game option. Thanks :grinning:


There is a demo in which you are immortal. It has something bearing death or become a mage.


It’s called “Till Dearh Do Us part”


Is first mission complete and how to hunt?


I don’t think you can…Atleast not yet.


Will look into it :slight_smile:

You can’t hunt currently, hunting is coming up in the next update. You can however do some sidequests (at the shipyard, most notably, another one at the knights guild, and also in the kitchen at home). The main quest isn’t done yet either (Yalta reputation can’t be raised to 70 yet).


When is the next update?


He said sometime this week :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks and i love idea about never ending,i also read some of first game and so far so good


Can’t wait for the next update:D


I’ve only gone a few days in the game, and talked to a few people, but here are my thoughts:

The intro reminded me of the stations of awakening in Kingdom Hearts. :heartpulse:

I liked the dialogue so far, but it needs paragraphs, especially in the beginning with Joyce and Gerard. It’s difficult to read, and gets confusing when there’s multiple characters speaking in the same paragraph.

There should be a warning that if you choose sleep you will sleep for eight hours. After being able to choose how long to wait, I thought the same would happen when sleeping. Luckily I didn’t miss my job at the barracks.

I thought if I took the knife from the kitchen I could threaten the stores into giving me stuff with it (and then probably get sent to prison for it, if the “times went to prison” means anything), but there doesn’t seem to be an option for that.

It almost feel like there’s too much information and stuff to do being thrown on to the player to start with, but I really enjoyed all the details and the difficulty.


A lot of it is done currently, but untested; I don’t wanna release it buggy so it might be a few days until all is sorted out :sweat_smile:

I have yet to play that :sweat_smile:

Good point, I will refactor that for the next update.

Will add some info regarding that before sleeping, thanks for the idea. Also, sleeping takes between 7 and 9 hours (randomly calculated).

Heh, the older game had something called “Sadistic Options” where you could basically attack anyone whenever you wanted, I might consider doing that here as well (with a better name perhaps). As for the prison, it’s coming in the next update, and it’s basically a penalty for committing crimes (at the moment, that only involves having a debt - negative wealth).

Starting out, I agree, the game isn’t very hand-holding, especially after leaving your house; the player isn’t told to go anywhere in particular mainly because of the lack of quests and world interaction. I will improve upon that for the next update. Thanks a lot for all your feedback!

As a general note, the current update is mostly done and ready to publish, but there’s a lot of testing to be done at the moment and that might take a couple days more (maybe even more). It will be a sizeable update though; no new villages, but plenty of new content (and quality-of-life updates as well).


In the beginning of the game, you have to choose a door. Will that have a significant effect on the game?


Well, they’re like the prologue option. Currently we only have the warrior path. The others are still in progress.

Edit: This demo is still very early compared to what the author has planned. Especially since choicescript is not really meant to make a RPG. It’s going to take a while, so just come back once in a while to check for updates and drop some feedback to help with bugs, typos and such.


What’s the best way to make some money? I’d like to start out good.


Right now, its having a job.


Actually…the best way to get money is to use the codes


Through fire and steel - Warrior Pack
Dungeons and arrows - Hunter Pack
A deadly catch - Fisherman Pack
Monopoly money - Economist Pack
Do not touch that - Brewer Pack
I am not short - Miner Pack


Well I meant besides that but fair enough.


Working at the Inn will get 250 coins and working at the barracks will get you 350.


Thank you